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I'm always trying out new things and here's my newest space to do just that. DorDar made me do this, Just blame them if this turns out all wrong and goes sideways somehow. I plan on using this space to show my photo's and share my travel stories. I'll throw in random daily thoughts and observations that make me happy, entertain me or lighten up my day. We'll see how it goes.


In photography a “chimp” is someone who after every picture they take they look down at their view screen to see what they just took a picture of.

Ooohh.. Ohh.. ahhh…

I’m not much of a chimp anymore. I may glance down occassionally to make sure all is well. Maybe check my histogram… lol.. hahaha.. not really… I can’t really understand a histogram..

One of the first elementary rules in photography is to check your camera before you start shooting. Do you have a memory card in there? Is your battery charged? Is it in your camera? (don’t laugh, I’ve driven for 1/2 hour to shoot at a location and discovered my battery is still home in the charger). Are your settings correct?

We drive to the car show on Florence Blvd in Casa Grande, AZ, find parking and head towards all the shiny paint jobs, the bikes, cars and trucks that are older than I am. Because I don’t really know my automobiles, I will usually take a picture of the vehicle and then a second photo of the sign that tells me what it is. Oh it’s a 1956 FORD… cool!

I am doing exactly that and I “chimp” my screen and see that the sign and the truck are all in one photo. ??



Sure enough I’m still on the double exposure setting I was using last time I had my camera out.

Sometimes when you make a mistake shooting you create a “happy accident”. That DID NOT happen this time..

Here’s what I created in those first few moments before I “chimped”:

Kids dancing to the music.

1956 Ford – just like the sign says..

Abstract Photography

Abstract – what does that mean to you?

What does abstract mean? Google defines abstract as: existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. Abstract concepts such as beauty or love

and also

Abstract relating to art? Abstract pictures that look like commercial color chart.

I took this colorful photo of flowers in a ditch. Is it like a commercial color chart? I don’t see it that way…

Does this type of photo make you dizzy?

Is it too abstract?

or can you tell it’s a tree?

I’m still playing…

But if I make you dizzy I apologize!!

What have I done?

What have I done for the last few months?

What have I done with my photography?

What stories do I have to tell?

We’ve been home in Campbell River for 3 months already. The weather has been cooler and wetter than normal. Is that to blame for my inactivity? Is being retired to blame? You know the old “there’s nothing that has to be done today that can’t wait til tomorrow?”.

As I look back on the last few months I remember my week on Gabriola Island at a workshop called “Develop your Creative Vision”. It was hosted by Chris Harris and Dennis Ducklow. It was fantastic, so creative, so much fun. 13 classmates from Montreal, Ontario, Alberta, BC, Seattle. Quite the collection of photographers young and old but all of us with the ambition and desire to explore new ideas and ways to take different pictures and learn new skills. Multiple exposures. Camera movement (in all directions apparently)… haha…

How much tv have I watched? How many word puzzles have I completed? How many Jigidi puzzles have I completed? (I could look up the stats but won’t). How many books have I read? I’ve done lots of all of these things.

We just got back from a family wedding and a family tree trip thru Alberta and Saskatchewan. Saw Aunts, Uncles and Cousins (some I hadn’t seen in 50 years). It was great to reconnect with my people. Loved all the miles and smiles.

The pink wall, shadows and spiders from The Tidemark Theatre in Campbell River
Multiple Exposure of the wall at the Campbell River Bowling Alley.
Trees from Drumbeg Park on Gabriola Island
Multiple Exposure of the beach rocks and a lighthouse eagle from Gabriola

Multiple Exposure Seaweed.

Malaspina Galleries Sandstone on Gabriola Island

Winter In Arizona – 2021-2022

November – Arizona — April – Campbell River

Was it really 5 months ago that travel to the USA opened and we packed up and made a midnight run for the border? Well yes it was.. We showed up at midnight and after 20 minutes or so we were on our way and free to move about the country.

Abstract Palm trees created using intentional camera movement.

Not much changed since we last travelled the Interstate highways. Trucks of all sorts and colors filled with supplies. Cars, trucks, buses, RV’s busily navigating the lanes and lines. Sun. Rain. Clouds. Gas prices were a tad higher, but beer and wine were not and are still available at gas stations and drug stores. Makes us laugh everytime we see a drugstore advertising prescriptions, alcohol and cigarettes. They got you covered either way!

8 Photo’s taken at Sky Dive Arizona in Eloy, Arizona and layered together.

Arizona was still there. They survived without us. A lot of the cotton fields have a new crop. What is it? Well its not edible, and you don’t have to water it or weed it, although you do have to clean the dust off them occasionally. Solar Panels. Rows and rows of them.

Broken Leaf I found on the ground.

What was our winter like there people ask? It was sunny and dry. It was windier than usual but didn’t rain as much as last time. It seemed cooler at nights even into April when we left. Were they excited to have us back? It seemed like it. We were happy to be there for sure!

You learn to be very aware of your surroundings while in the desert.

What do I like about the States?

You can buy alcohol at the grocery store (and it’s cheap).

They sell bacon in packages that reseal ( I don’t know why that excites me so much).

An abandoned Pecan Farm near Coolidge, Arizona

What do I miss about Canada?

Yogurt, Butter, Eggs and Bread that taste like they should.

My friends.

Yuma Prison State Park, Yuma, Arizona

We’ve been home for a week. The ground is green and the ocean is blue. The air smells so fresh.

Street Scene from Tombstone, Arizona

Our two countries are different from each other, but come fall we sure hope to be back there under a warm sun!

Slow shutter speed photo of a Ferris Wheel at Casa Grande, Arizona
Decommissioned Cotton Gin at 11 Mile Corner in Casa Grande, Arizona

OH NO – I’m going blind

A week ago I woke up with a new friend. I don’t really need a new friend to be honest. I already have a friend called “tinnitus” – woke up with her 8 years ago. She’s really annoying. My new friend is like a one-eyed-smiley-face “floater” in my eye. She’s super annoying. Follows me everywhere I look. Right. Left. Up. Down. She moves quick. If she was a fast car I’ld be impressed with her speed. But she’s not and I’m not!

I’ve seen an ophthalmologist and nothing horrible is going on with my new friend. I have a follow up next week as well. And then today happened.. I put my contact lens in, dash to the grocery store for some stuff, get into all those brightly lit aisles with colorful tins and packages and they are all a bit blurry. Finish my shopping. Get home. Start baking and realize I can’t really read the recipe card all that well. Close my left eye. That looks better!

Open my left eye. BLURRY! Not just a little blurry, but BIG BLURRY!! OH NO – I’m going blind! My friend is causing me grief. OH NO!! This is horrible. I already can’t hear and now I’m going blind in one eye.

Might as well take my contact lens out I say to myself… I take it out and everything is peachy keen. Wait!! What?? What is that? Seriously?? I look down in the palm of my hand and I have 2 contact lenses there.

Turns out that 2 contacts in one eye does not result in double perfect vision.

The good news is I’m not going blind today!

The bad news is I’ve apparently forgotten how to count and separate my right from my left 😎

April 2021 Photo’s

I’m scared to look and see how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything here.. It’s been a few weeks for sure.. It’s not like I’ve been super busy. Well unless you count going for walks and dragging my camera around taking pictures of all the spring things in bloom right now. Not much happening in my life right now. Here’s some spring photo’s:

Fawn Lilly Macro
Fawn Lilly
Daffodil blended with Weeping Willow Tree
Forest Fern
Forest Fern 2
Alder Shoot posterizied in Photoshop
Driftwood Heart
Chocolate Lilly
Chocolate Lilly with added Extrude Filter
Trillium in Black and White
Chocolate Lilly
Chocolate Lilly in High Key
Lilac Vase
Lilac processed with Plastic Wrap

Winter Photography

Here’s a collection of my photo’s from Fall and Winter. I haven’t been doing much blogging… I guess Covid has silenced a lot of things in our lives. Everything has slowed down over the winter. It is great to see the days getting longer and the weather improving slightly.

Grass with a luminosity layer.

Beach Grass with an exclusion hue layer.
Beach Grass with an added hue layer.
A remnant from Fall
A layered photo of a tree and a out of focus shot of our Christmas lights from our tree.
A macro shot of a leaf that I picked off the ground last fall and finally got around to photographing. I edited it in Photoshop with a paint fill to create different holes and textures. Processed in black and white.
Weeds at the Beach in Campbell River. I’m not good with plant identification. So everything is usually called a flower or a weed or grass.. haha.
A layered photo of a doorway and a tree branch. I’m calling this one: Forest Door.
A high key processed shot of a tree in front of other trees.
A macro shot of a leaf that I picked off the ground last fall and finally got around to photographing.
A layered shot of a wood carving and stormy clouds.
Wood Carving down at The Spit in Campbell River. Taken with my 18m wide angle lens.
Wood Carving down at The Spit in Campbell River. Taken with my 18m wide angle lens.
A macro shot of a leaf that I picked off the ground last fall and finally got around to photographing.
A macro shot of a leaf that I picked off the ground last fall and finally got around to photographing. I edited it in Photoshop with a paint fill to create different holes and textures.
A double exposure and layered shot of two apartment buildings in Campbell River.
A frozen leaf on the ground.
Another layered photo of a truck against the texture and grunginess of an old metal storage container.
A macro shot of a leaf that I picked off the ground last fall and finally got around to photographing. I edited it in Photoshop with a paint fill to create different holes and textures. Processed to black and white.
A macro shot of a leaf that I picked off the ground last fall and finally got around to photographing. I edited it in Photoshop with a paint fill to create different holes and textures.
A shot up in to the sky on a sunny winter day in January at Elk Falls in Campbell River.
Added a layer of sparkle texture from an old truck that was parked in the same lot as this old cadillac in Campbell River.


What have you been neglecting the last 4 Covid months?

Family texts or phone calls?

Keeping in touch with your friends?

Personal grooming? It seems pointless to wear a bra if you aren’t going out anywhere. And that messy hair? No one’s going to see me looking scruffy today or tomorrow even. And a shower every other day is probably sufficient, I’m not doing anything but sitting on the couch watching NetFlix or playing Ipad puzzles and games. I do wander in to the kitchen lots, (does that count as exercise?).

Housework? Dusting and vacuuming? You remember you didn’t do those chores before Covid because you were too busy having a life and they could always wait? Now you realize that they didn’t get done because they are boring to do and watching NetFlix, playing with your IPad and opening the fridge door just takes up so much of your spare time now.

Laughing? Has the joy gone out of your soul? It’s pretty hard to be amused when we are surrounded by so much fear, doom and gloom. If and when we take the time to watch network tv or read news articles, you wonder if there is any happiness in the world right now!

Hobbies? Can you still participate and pursue your hobby?

Sports? That’s a slippery slope right now. Team sports are complicated for sure.

ME? I’ve been phoning my family and friends and more than I was a few months ago. I have a cousin who has phoned me a couple of times and we haven’t been in contact for a few years. I will admit that some days I don’t get out of my pj’s until noon and showering days can alternate. I’ve done a good job of not eating my way thru the pandemic. Funny enough the housework and dusting is still a neglected chore. I have been able to pursue my photography hobby. I have been out a few times. I’m learning new skills thru online tutorials and applying those to my photo’s. I find it very creative and satisfying. I really really really miss watching professional sports competition. Hockey in particular. I wish and hope that there is some way to bring the game back safely. Time will tell.

I have been neglecting my blog. Maybe today will be the start of more regular posts? I’m glad I don’t have to write daily for a living. That would be a tough gig.

Gotta run now, my phone is ringing!!