New Years Resolutions??

Seeing as how it’s the last day of the year, I got to thinking about Resolutions.  Who’s making them? What are they? I pulled these from Facebook and/or other places.  I do not know all of these people, I hope they don’t mind if they see themselves here 🙂

1. My new years resolution::::tell myself I love excercise, just not as much as wine….or my friends…or sitting on my ass..or any combination of said above…never mind!

2. Person#1: I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions!…                                  Person#2: Make your New Years resolution not to make one and just be yourself. Love You!


4. New Years resolutions……
– Be better about being on time
-Not be such a stranger to my girls!!!! And come out more!!
-Eat a tiny bit healthier lol
-Make friends with coffee
-Start collecting jeans into my wardrobe again and start cutting out the jiggers and pj pants!!!!!!
Here’s to 2013 and actual reachable goals!!!! Lol

5. I think for 2013 I will keep my expectations low… That way, if good happens then it will be a nice bonus. #learnedherlesson.  Hope everyone is having a good time ringing in the New Year and I wish you all well in 2013
6. Happy New Years everyone…This years resolutions are: keep in touch more, get outside, take time for myself, and exercise!!!!
7. New Years Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.
I did some quick searching on the internet and found that the top 10 Resolutions are:
1. Spend more time with family and friends.
2. Get fit.
3. Lose weight.
4. Quit smoking.
5. Enjoy life more.
6.Quit drinking.
7.Get out of debt.
8.Learn something new.
9. Help others.
10. Get organized.
Am I the only one who noticed that Enjoy Life More is followed by Quit Drinking???  Maybe it should be the other way around – or maybe not?  Depends on your point of view and if you’re a happy drunk or not!!  LoL..

2013 a New YEAR!!

This was not my idea — but I’m definitely going to borrow it.  What a great idea to put your year and your life? into perspective.. I love it!!


Starting my JAR tomorrow. Should be interesting reading by the end of 2203. My year is supposed to be filled with fun times according to my horoscope prediction…. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!!

 Me a second later on FACEBOOK:  2013.  Haha. Not sure I’ll still be around in 2203. That’s being optimistic – even by my standards




  • Kathy Paynter 2013. Haha. Not sure I’ll still be around in 2203. That’s being optimistic – even by my standards

Flip, Flip, Flip!

Here’s what happens when there’s NO HOCKEY on TV:

mmmm — I wonder what I should do with all my spare time?

Maybe I could watch something else on TV!  Flip, flip, flip..

I’ve watched some interesting, informative documentaries.  Science Stuff,  Geography, Animals, Mammals, Concerts, PBS, Technology, People doing good things.. Well that was alright, (I guess)..

Maybe I could catch up on my reading! Flip, flip, flip..

I’ve read some interesting, informative books.  A book by John Edwards “Crossing Over”, a Wilbur Smith Novel (gotta love Wilbur!), “The Spirit Molecule” – very interesting but didn’t understand a lot of the biology and LSD references.. ( I guess that’s a good thing).. The LSD part I mean 🙂    Today I pick up a small book called “Cliches & Platitudes”.. a book of one liners, etc.

I see the book laying on the bookshelf! Flip, flip, flip..

The first thing that catches my attention?


  Who needs hockey anyway??

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Sad is Bad!

Sad Kat

Sad Kat

I was feeling kind of blah sad this morning,

Couldn’t figure out what I felt like doing – doing nothing didn’t seem like much of an option seeing as how it was sort of sunny and dry outside.  It’s been grey and raining for days and days.

I searched my sad mind for something to do that would get me out of the “sads” — nothing really came to mind so I decided, ‘oh well’ I guess I’ll go out and at least pick up some fruit for lunches tomorrow.

Sad Kat

I drive my sad self to the grocery store, shuffle my sad feet in to the store and before I make it 10feet inside the store I see a lady that I used to work with many years ago.  She’s with her husband and they both look FANTASTIC!!  I’m standing there trying to make conversation with them as I have this thought .. 

I came downtown without washing my hair, I’m wearing an old scruffy sweater and I know I look like hell…

messy hair

but that’s not the worst part!…

It gets better! …

As I’m standing there another person I know goes past us – “Hi Kathy!” they say..

and another lady goes by who I know – “Hi Kathy!” she says..

My ex co-worker says “Wow you sure know a lot of people!”

and then another man comes by (my ex-boss) and says “Hi Kathy!”

….. Now remember… I look like HELL

AND I’M a SAD “looking like HELL” Kathy….

I finish up my conversation and walk away to start my shopping.

It wasn’t until AFTER I finished my shopping and I was heading outside to the vehicle, that I realized all those people were there at that moment to remind me that I have lots of people (friends and family) around me that care ABOUT me… That’s a good thing to have in our lives!

Now back to the kitchen I go to create some kind of masterpiece for dinner.  I bought the fixings for a new recipe for Curried Chicken, Roti and Lentil Dahl..  I haven’t made any of them before so it should be an interesting dinner..