This page will be collection of other topics that interest me.  Anything that isn’t Hockey or Travel realted.

June 28-2013

I found this article interesting.  When we were down in the States at Christmas Time the in-laws were commenting on how we Canadians always ate with our knife in our right hand.. Turns out they were right – we DO!!




May 3 – 2012




Another professional athlete commits suicide.  I can’t comprehend the pain, dispair, hopelessness or the feelings of depression that cause anyone to commit suicide.  I’ve been blessed with an optomistic outlook that prevents me from getting to that level and taking the last and final step when you can’t handle it anymore.  It is tragic, and sad doesn’t even describe how it feels to be a friend or a family member of a suicide. 

Here’s a link to an article I read this morning about Junior.




Nov 10 – 2011

 did anybody see the Sportsnet coverage this morning? first of all we have the Flyers refusing to come out of their own end because Tampa Bay was sitting back and refusing to go in their end and even make a play on the puck, then we have the mighty Joe Paterno getting fired from Penn State, and then when it all got too sad – Don Taylor attempted to pronounce the Russian Junior Hockey Players names on a play by play and totally messed it up!!! — It’s like his lips cannot possibly form the sounds … hahhahhaha …… cracks me up everytime!!

OCT 14 – 2011



1690 Calories of yumminess I think!

I haven’t tried one (yet), but if I somehow walked into a Denny’s with a hangover I would WANT TO TRY THIS with a chocolate milkshake!!


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