Canucks – Stanley Cup 2011

Stanley Cup 2011 UPDATE:  

Boston and Tampa Bay are playing game 7 to see who gets to play the Canucks for the Stanley Cup.  Finally, we’re in the finals.  3rd time in 40 years, I have a feeling that this is IT!  2011 will be the year that OUR TEAM wins it all! 

I love clean hockey hits.  Hit ’em hard and hit ’em often, knock the air out of them if you get the chance.  But play within the rules and show good sportsmanship while you pound the crap out of each other.

Jun 1 – 2011

Here is the Global TV Morning News Crew celebrating the Canucks and our 3rd try to win the Stanley Cup.  I feel exactly the same and think it’s wonderful that our province is having some fun as we go on this Stanley Cup Journey of 2011.

Jun 2 – 2011

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  With a few seconds left in the game, Kesler to Hansen to Torres — WE WIN 1-0 and now it’s 3 more games and the Cup is ours for the first time in our team history.  40 years and we’re 3 games away from seeing our guys WIN IT ALL.  I am cautiously optomistic about our chances of doing just that.

I saw a sign at lunch today that read:
We are not!

Jun 4 – 2011

Burrows beats itsy bitsy Chara around the back of the net and SCORES the OT winner in Game2.

 Now the Canucks just have to win 2 more games – 2 MORE and then they will be the 2011 Stanley Cup Champs! — 2 more WINS

Jun 9 – 2011

Well we DIDN’T WIN any of the games in Boston.  We got mauled by the Bruins and the Refs can’t remember what a slash looks like and so:

I woke up this morning with a few bear claw marks on my arms, but there’s lots of room on my Canucks Bandwagon this morning so I’m just going to sit here real comfortable like, until Friday, when it becomes crowded again. Don’t give up, don’t give in, they’re going to figure out a way to win this.

Jun 14 – 2011

Still waiting for the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup.  They’ve somehow managed to get themselves to a Game 7.  This means one game, one win, winner takes the Cup.  EGADS!!

I might need a barrel of Scotch to get me thru this next game!!
Jun 16 – 2011
We LOST!  and no amount of scotch (for the record: 3 of them) could make the disappointment go away.  But, I’m ok, just sad, but Boston beat us fair and square tonight, the refs let them play and they beat us and that’s it for another year.  I HATE that the hooligans downtown Vancouver are rioting — it’s ridiculous to respond that way — it will just spoil it for the true fans who were enjoying the competition and the chance to cheer on their team in a publc space without buying an overpriced ticket

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