Ft. St. John – Sep 2011

Airport Road scenery

 Ft. St. John Trip – 2011


After Matt & Megan’s wedding I travelled back to FSJ to spend the week with the family.  This set of pictures includes pictures from the wedding, the drive from Edmonton to FSJ, scenery of the area and also a trip out to Hudson Hope where I grew up and went to school.  Great fun, great memories of that area.


Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the trip.  There’s more on Flickr – but this is a quick view of my collection.

Alberta Hay Bale

On the shore of Charlie Lake with fall geese doing a fly by


A wheat close-up!

Every time I go home I HAVE to drive out to Hudson Hope!
I love this drive! I love every corner, every bump, ALL OF IT!!
It’s my favorite piece of road anywhere,
I’m now calling it “my favorite peace of road”
If BC Hydro ever builds their Site C dam, I’m going to be heartbroken 😦
This view right here is why I love this place!!

The Halfway Rest Stop on the way out to Hudson Hope

This is my “park” in Hudson Hope.
We called it “the Glenn” when we were kids, it has a different name now, I think..
This “park” is where you can “park” my ashes when I’ve passed on.
It should survive any damn dam flooding (I think).

One of the rock bluffs at The Peace Glenn Park in Hudson Hope

 A little further down the road is ‘the bridge”, we used to ride our bikes out here and crawl around under the bridge and up inside the pillars and out to the cross span at the top of the bridge.  I would be way too scared to do that now.

This bridge crosses the Peace River on the road from Hudson Hope to Chetwynd


If you walk out on the bridge, this is the view looking downstream and past the Glenn toward Hudson Hope

The best part about driving OUT to Hudson Hope


That you then get to drive BACK to Ft. St. John



At the Halfway bridge and flats between Hudson Hope


Leave Mile 54 and head into Charlie Lake and then on to Ft. St. John

 Check out my Flickr site for a more detailed look at the pictures from my trip.

2 thoughts on “Ft. St. John – Sep 2011

  1. Great photos Kathy
    It has been years gone buy. I was looking at the. photos of Hudson’s Hope,The Glen and the bridge. After reading your coments about the photos it brought back all the time we went there as kids. Your photos are great keep up the good work!

    • Barry! Thanks for the comment. I know exactly what you mean! I go home every couple of years and I always make Carol or Susan or someone in the family drive me out to HH. I love that drive and in my mind I think of all the stories and events that come to mind as I see familiar sights. It’s where we grew up and I consider HH my “hometown”. Hope all is well with you, Take care.


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