almost DAILY HUMOUR — Well that’s what I’m calling it anyway…

Sep 1 – 2011

Hot dry month of August

You know it’s been a really dry month when you get in your car and you can’t remember how to turn the pause wipers on!!

“Best before” date

We’re used to seeing the “best before date” on almost every food product we buy!  Does this mean that the product then becomes “rotten after the first day after the best before date?”

Do people still cut the mold off of the cheese and then proceed to eat the unmoldy piece?

If you have wiggly carrots or potatoes in the cupboard do you still cook with them?

Hardware Store

Why is it that every trip to the Hardware store entails a return trip to get the right “thing” the NEXT DAY?

“Deer Resistant”

 If a plant is “deer resistant” – does that mean they eat it on the third day after you planted it,  instead of the first?

Just the Two

Golfed with my friend today, just the two of us.  We decided it was easier – although slower – to golf as a twosome:  that way we only have to remember ONE conversation!

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