Reminder to Wash Hair only when wide awake!

I posted this story the other day on Facebook, so some of you have already heard it! 
I was recently in Ontario for a family reunion and you know how reunions are – lots of long days and evenings, not enough sleep, you get out of your routine, and for all these reasons, I have to remind myself that: 
I might want to make sure I’m awake before washing my hair!

Shampoo – Conditioner – Lotion – Mouthwash or something like that!

 Step1 – get in the shower and after getting wet, remember that the hotel shampoo is on the other side of the room.
Step2 – sploosh water all over bathroom reaching for shampoo, get back in shower, ooops, that’s not shampoo, it’s Mouthwash :-).
Step3 – sploosh water all over bathroom reaching for shampoo. Shampoo hair, reach for hotel conditioner, oops, that’s Lotion, repeat step 1 again.