A DOG’s Day at the Beach!

A DOG's Day at the Beach

A DOG’s Day at the Beach

We are at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya Thailand.  We take the Baht Bus and stop off at a section of the beach that looks inviting.  Pubs, Restaurants, Markets nearby and nice umbrella’s on the beach if you need some shade from the sun and hot temperatures here.

The vendor approaches us and informs us that a chair on the beach nearest the water is $40 Baht each or $80 Baht each for the nice comfy padded lounger chairs.  We decide, that seeing as how we don’t know how long we are staying at the beach today, that we will pay for the smaller folding chairs that are very common here.  They are comfortable but very low to the ground and getting out of them is sometimes comical.

The beaches are quite nice here, the sun is always out, they serve beverages and there are many types of vendors selling souveniers, food, ice-cream etc.  As we sit in our $40 baht chairs this scroungiest of scroungy dogs approaches the $80 baht chairs which are unoccupied, looks at it approvingly and then pounces up into it, lays his head on the arm of the chair, scootches his butt into a comfy position and then promptly falls asleep and drifts of into doggy dream heaven… No one makes him move, or asks him for his $$ to stay there.  We $40 baht tourists are left to stare at this dog and laugh at the Thai way and a dogs luck for this day!!

Are you comfy there?

Are you comfy there?