When in Montreal? Take the train!

Montreal July 23 – 2017

Yikes, we are on our way to Montreal, as in Quebec, as in I don’t speak much French, as in I heard the driving there is brutal.  We are both a little nervous about the language issue and if we can just find our campsite and get settled maybe we can just take a cab or bus everywhere we want to go.  That would alleviate the “driving” issue – right?

We leave Cantley, and head out for Montreal,  a couple of freeway exits and we are on our way.  Driving is a snap.  We turn off the freeway in Terrebonne (maybe 30km from Montreal) to get to our campground, and BOOM, a detour of some kind.  We follow the arrow around the corner and then we have no idea where we are going.  All the signs are in French (of course).. Garmin-dy gets her butt in gear and calculates a new route for us.  Which is great, but there’s no way to tell her that we are pulling a trailer.  Consequently she sends us thru a residential neighborhood with traffic circles and windy streets, eventually we get out on our intended road and to our campsite.

Camping Plateau Etoiles 5 – we arrive and the spot that they intend for us to park in is a eensy teensy weensy entry around trees and posts.  They offer to guide us to another spot in the campground.. we drive around to the next camping street and of course we are now facing the wrong way to successfully back in to the next spot they’ve chosen for us.  We then perform a 3 persons yelling at me (with directions to turn around in the campsite beside the one they want us in) –  and then somehow drive out of there and back it into the other spot.  I’ve just successfully backed into THIS spot – why can’t we just stay there?

It’s empty!

Is it really empty?

Yes it is.

Ok, yes, you can park there.  But I’ve already driven mostly out of it, so after a few more manouvers we get ourselves back in there.  Phew!  That’s awesome.  Nicely treed park (no satellite reception though).  But it’s nice and we are happy.

Now, how do we get the 30KM in to the city?  Do they have a shuttle?


Can you take a bus?


What does that mean we ask?  There’s a bus that goes past the campsite, and it drops you off at the Bus Terminal where you catch another bus to the Rail Terminal and then you use the Subway/Train to get downtown.  We decide to drive the 8km to the Bus Terminal and take the bus to the Rail Terminal.  All in all from Campsite to downtown Montreal takes a little over an hour.  Once we figured out which bus to take and which rail line takes us to where, it was incredibly easy and efficient and we could figure it out even using English.  It was nice that we didn’t have to drive and could just enjoy the City.  We went to The Basillica, Old Montreal, The Casino and The Botanical Gardens.  We took the Aqua-Bus tour of Old Montreal and then they slide into the river and you can see Montreal from the water.  Pretty cool stuff.  You couldn’t possibly eat in all the restaurants there – it was hard to choose where to go.  We had Brazillian BBQ, and Seafood Pizza.  Both were fantastic!  It rained a bit while we were there – nothing torrential, just drizzly, then sun, then clouds etc.  It’s always nicer when the sun shines :-).  I decided that Montreal is so colorful that the buildings and street scenes really look better in black and white… it simplifies them and creates a better texture and feel for the streets there.

Montreal K75_2078IN

A sharp dressed man strolling thru the square in Old Montreal.

Montreal K75_2086IN

Along the Port in Old Montreal – Gaspar’s in the rain.

Montreal K75_2082IN

People are so immune to having a camera pointed at them- no one’s looking at me and I was crouched right in front of them. A sign of the times.

Montreal K75_2099IN

Just a bee doing it’s think along the harbor in Old Montreal.

Montreal Botanical Gardens – July 2017

I absolutely love photographing flowers.  I like their colors, the details in the leaves, or stems or the flower itself.  While in Montreal I took an afternoon to myself and found my way to The Montreal Botanical Gardens.  They are near the 1967 Montreal Expo Site so I got to walk past there as I found the entrance to the Gardens.  Here are my 3 photo’s that show the colors and serenity of the gardens.

Montreal Botanical K75_2209IN

People enjoying the Lilly Garden at Montreal Botanical Garden – July 2017

Rose Cloned out stem2 K75_2150IN

A rose at The Montreal Botanical Garden – July 2017

Montreal Botanical K75_2204IN

A couple enjoying the Montreal Botanical Garden Lilly Pond.