Quebec City – Food? Good – Driving? BAD

Quebec City, Quebec – July 2017


Citadel K75_2317IN

Holy crap, I’m so behind on this Blog.. haha.  We are now in PEI and I’m still posting pictures from Quebec City.  But, I need to do things in an orderly fashion, so I update my story and this site when I have time to sit down and spend a couple of hours organizing things.

What can I say about Quebec City?  It wasn’t HUGE, but it was so charming.  Different styles of architecture in doorways, roof lines, window shapes and building materials.  Copper, Tin, Brick – it has it all.

We did NOT enjoy driving there.  The streets are narrow and do not run in a straight line.  You have triangle intersections with angled stop lights and stop signs.  One way streets, signs in French only.. aye yaye yaye.  It was frightening, and I’m really happy to report that I didn’t run anyone or anything over.  I did cross a few lanes abruptly.. but no one seemed to mind.. tee hee.

Quebec City is very hilly, you would sure get your butt in shape if you lived there and walked to work, or home, or grocery shopping (for instance).  I can not imagine how awful it would be in winter – it must be frightening.   There is NOT a good public transit system like in Montreal.  Part of the reason is possibly the size of the City??  It’s not huge and the population is not as dense as Montreal’s is.   This is just a wild guess on my part.  We would certainly have taken advantage of it if it had been available.

The FOOD in the Province of Quebec is amazing – the French sure know how to cook.  Smoked Meat Sandwiches, Crepes, Poutine, Lobster Poutine (OMG it was delicious), Cheese, Pastries.. you get the idea.

We took advantage of the hop on – hop off bus (our driver was a jerk), but the tour was still worthwhile.  We saw the Plains of Abraham, The Citadel, Churches, Art, Historical Buildings, New construction.  It is a busy city with a European vibe and the French have a great sense of fun and joy with each other.  I would recommend any one who is interested to go there.  Don’t worry if you don’t speak French (because I don’t), and everyone was very accommodating and friendly towards us.

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