30 days on the Road

We’ve successfully completed the first 30 days of our trip that we are calling –  “Making a Circle 2017-2018”.  We’ve visited family and friends throughout BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. I’ve loved re-connecting with everyone, it gives me a sense of who I am, where I’ve been, what my life has given me in experiences and the winding paths travelled. Is it a circle?  Nope, not yet, not this morning as I write this. Full circle, to me, will be when I mark my last day on earth. But let’s leave that for another day ok?

We’ve scared ourselves – we’ve laughed about it.

We’ve  yelled at each other – we’ve taken time-outs and regrouped.

We’ve driven into some small spaces we shouldn’t have – and drove back out.

We’ve made some questionable traffic maneuvers – and survived.                      (Thanks to all the courteous drivers who no doubt yelled thru their windshields at us).

We haven’t developed a real routine yet – maybe we will, maybe we won’t.

When it’s sunny – we drink an extra coffee outside, we lollygag, we enjoy the moment. We pull over and picnic on the road somewhere  We watch trains, we watch people doing their things, we watch birds doing their thing, we listen to birds doing their thing, we just watch

When it’s rain and wind – we bitch.. teehee

We’ve stayed in RV parks that have traffic noise – we’ve stayed at some that are quiet.

We’ve stayed in RV parks that are narrow – and some that weren’t.

Most of all – we both really like travelling together.  It’s fun. We are doing something we’ve talked about, and planned for a few years.  We’re just going to take it one day at a time, one roll of the wheels, one set-up, one pack-it-up, one hook-it-up, one tow at a time.

We are members of the “400 Club”.  We try to travel less than 400kilometers per day  our favourite days are the 250-300km ones.  We mostly get on the road by 11 something or other. I guess we have developed a routine after all 👍