Perserverance on the Walk of Shame..

We are having a great time in Jomtien Beach and Pattaya, (of course), sunny and hot every day, lots of Thai street food and wandering along the beaches.  Tomorrow we are going to go in to Pattaya City and see a temple called the Sanctuary of Truth.  It’s a fascinating spot, a temple made entirely out of wood, using NO metal nails, and it’s a design of 4 architectural styles from this region.  It’s set on a point overlooking the ocean, which sounds beautiful.  They have elephant rides, a shooting range of some kind, you can feed some tiny sharks, they have pony carriage rides around the property, so it may be a bit of a tourist trap as well, but my camera is all charged up and ready to go.   
We found a nice room with a balcony that hangs over the street and intersection so every night we get to watch “the parade”… street vendors, food vendors, girly boys, tourists, massage shops, laundry, small bars, a corner store where you can sit on the steps all day and drink beer LOL (we wish we understood the language because they sure are having fun).  We are a quick walk to the beach so every couple of days we pay for our chairs and umbrella to sit out there and watch the speedo wearing men (who shouldn’t be wearing a speedo), stroll past our feet.  It’s great fun and a good way to kill a couple of hours in the sun even though sitting on the beach is not really my thing.. There is lots to look at.  Today a guy was windsurfing, rather unsuccessfully – his kite would drag him thru the water, past us, way way way down the beach, occassionally he would get up on the board and ride a ways until he fell over – after a LONG drag down past where we were sitting you would see him trudge back up the beach, waves pounding him as he walked past us in a couple feet of water with his board and sail and then after some more instruction from his friends, try again only to once more he would trudge past us again back to his starting point.  Got to admire his perserverance even though we meanly dubbed it “The Walk of Shame”.. easy for us to say from the safety of shore and comfort of our beach chairs.

The Walk of Shame

The Walk of Shame

A DOG’s Day at the Beach!

A DOG's Day at the Beach

A DOG’s Day at the Beach

We are at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya Thailand.  We take the Baht Bus and stop off at a section of the beach that looks inviting.  Pubs, Restaurants, Markets nearby and nice umbrella’s on the beach if you need some shade from the sun and hot temperatures here.

The vendor approaches us and informs us that a chair on the beach nearest the water is $40 Baht each or $80 Baht each for the nice comfy padded lounger chairs.  We decide, that seeing as how we don’t know how long we are staying at the beach today, that we will pay for the smaller folding chairs that are very common here.  They are comfortable but very low to the ground and getting out of them is sometimes comical.

The beaches are quite nice here, the sun is always out, they serve beverages and there are many types of vendors selling souveniers, food, ice-cream etc.  As we sit in our $40 baht chairs this scroungiest of scroungy dogs approaches the $80 baht chairs which are unoccupied, looks at it approvingly and then pounces up into it, lays his head on the arm of the chair, scootches his butt into a comfy position and then promptly falls asleep and drifts of into doggy dream heaven… No one makes him move, or asks him for his $$ to stay there.  We $40 baht tourists are left to stare at this dog and laugh at the Thai way and a dogs luck for this day!!

Are you comfy there?

Are you comfy there?


We made it To Pattaya!! Came by Taxi from Bangkok, (90 mins ride here for $50). The taxi randomly drops us off on a street beside a bar for me to sit at while Randy went searching for a room. He was gone for over an hour, comes back to find me after being unable to find a room anywhere, only to discover that the Englishman who owns the pub has a room upstairs lol. So I found a room while sitting at the bar. No beers in the bar or anywhere until midnight ’cause it’s a pre-election weekend and there’s no alcohol allowed. But, in typical Thai fashion, you can see everyone drinking out of tea cups, mugs, etc.
Today (Monday) we hopped on the local Transportation that costs a dime called the “baht bus” and it’s a pick up truck with benches and a railing and a cover over it, you can go for miles along the main beach road and there are hundreds of baht trucks driving around. They are numbered for license purposes,we assume, and we spent a half hour sitting at a street restaurant watching them go by and the lowest number we saw was a 2 and the largest number was 667. Somehow the beer tastes better and the ocean looks better, and the grass is greener on the other side teehee.