Napa Valley “Old Faithful Geyser”

This brings back memories of a trip we took with Bruce and Shelly to Napa when I first met my husband. We drove up to this barren looking “Tourist Attraction” with a bare parking lot and a ticket booth offering a look at this “Old Faithful Geyser”.. we sceptically pulled out $10 each to drive in the parking area and park. We sat beside a dilapidated picnic table and waited for something that we were pretty sure WAS NOT going to be worth $40… we waited, made jokes about how lame this geyser was going to be as we stared at a small pipe hole in the ground.. some of the comments were less than positive. Then we heard the noise of approaching water and as we watched it shoot out of the ground. It more or less looked exactly like this picture.. I guess the impressive part was how long the geyser continued to release this tower of water. Was it worth $40? Probably not.. but the memory is priceless.