Beer and Bananas

bananaIn our house there are 2 people!  One who likes to shop for groceries and the other who doesn’t find it that much fun.  The one who LIKES grocery shopping works during the day and the one who DOESN’T has a bit more time on their hands.

Our conversation the other night went something like this:

She – do we need any groceries? He – maybe some bananas! She – what about dinner tomorrow? He – I’m thinking of curried pork. She – ok I will pick up the usual fridge food.

She works, gets off work, trudges to the grocery store, buys banana’s and the usual fridge veggies, hauls them up the stairs to the apt…. as she’s walking down the hallway she smells delicious curried pork in the hallway of the building…..




So you know what that means!! We have double everything..

Bananas, Onions, Peppers, Celery, Carrots x 2!!

What are we going to do with 16 Bananas??

Carry forward to last night’s conversation:


She – Do we need to buy beer?

Laughter erupts!!

She/he – well that’s something that wouldn’t hurt to double up on.



Oct 8 – 2011

It’s Thanksgiving!!

Time to make up the grocery list for turkey dinner! 

Bread, sausage, apples, appricot, chicken broth for slow cooker stuffing – check! 

Potatoes, yams, brussel sprouts, carrots, maybe some asparagus – check!

Shortening, apples, flour, ice cream – check!

Go outside, get in the car, drive down Dogwood Street, wait at every light, get to the grocery store – check!

Remember to take my re-useable shopping bags, make sure I have $ for a cart – check!

Get into the store, start to shop, pat my pocket for my wallet –  CHECK NOT !!

Return to the car, drive back up Dogwood Street, wait at every light, get the wallet and repeat the trip down Dogwood street, wait at every light, get to the grocery store, shop for everything, find everything on my list, load it back into the car, dirve back up Dogwood Street, wait at every light, lug everything in the apartment using the stairs ’cause the elevator is broken – check!

and just in case you were really paying attention to my shopping list:

YES, I already bought the turkey a few days ago