What have you been neglecting the last 4 Covid months?

Family texts or phone calls?

Keeping in touch with your friends?

Personal grooming? It seems pointless to wear a bra if you aren’t going out anywhere. And that messy hair? No one’s going to see me looking scruffy today or tomorrow even. And a shower every other day is probably sufficient, I’m not doing anything but sitting on the couch watching NetFlix or playing Ipad puzzles and games. I do wander in to the kitchen lots, (does that count as exercise?).

Housework? Dusting and vacuuming? You remember you didn’t do those chores before Covid because you were too busy having a life and they could always wait? Now you realize that they didn’t get done because they are boring to do and watching NetFlix, playing with your IPad and opening the fridge door just takes up so much of your spare time now.

Laughing? Has the joy gone out of your soul? It’s pretty hard to be amused when we are surrounded by so much fear, doom and gloom. If and when we take the time to watch network tv or read news articles, you wonder if there is any happiness in the world right now!

Hobbies? Can you still participate and pursue your hobby?

Sports? That’s a slippery slope right now. Team sports are complicated for sure.

ME? I’ve been phoning my family and friends and more than I was a few months ago. I have a cousin who has phoned me a couple of times and we haven’t been in contact for a few years. I will admit that some days I don’t get out of my pj’s until noon and showering days can alternate. I’ve done a good job of not eating my way thru the pandemic. Funny enough the housework and dusting is still a neglected chore. I have been able to pursue my photography hobby. I have been out a few times. I’m learning new skills thru online tutorials and applying those to my photo’s. I find it very creative and satisfying. I really really really miss watching professional sports competition. Hockey in particular. I wish and hope that there is some way to bring the game back safely. Time will tell.

I have been neglecting my blog. Maybe today will be the start of more regular posts? I’m glad I don’t have to write daily for a living. That would be a tough gig.

Gotta run now, my phone is ringing!!



Sad is Bad!

Sad Kat

Sad Kat

I was feeling kind of blah sad this morning,

Couldn’t figure out what I felt like doing – doing nothing didn’t seem like much of an option seeing as how it was sort of sunny and dry outside.  It’s been grey and raining for days and days.

I searched my sad mind for something to do that would get me out of the “sads” — nothing really came to mind so I decided, ‘oh well’ I guess I’ll go out and at least pick up some fruit for lunches tomorrow.

Sad Kat

I drive my sad self to the grocery store, shuffle my sad feet in to the store and before I make it 10feet inside the store I see a lady that I used to work with many years ago.  She’s with her husband and they both look FANTASTIC!!  I’m standing there trying to make conversation with them as I have this thought .. 

I came downtown without washing my hair, I’m wearing an old scruffy sweater and I know I look like hell…

messy hair

but that’s not the worst part!…

It gets better! …

As I’m standing there another person I know goes past us – “Hi Kathy!” they say..

and another lady goes by who I know – “Hi Kathy!” she says..

My ex co-worker says “Wow you sure know a lot of people!”

and then another man comes by (my ex-boss) and says “Hi Kathy!”

….. Now remember… I look like HELL

AND I’M a SAD “looking like HELL” Kathy….

I finish up my conversation and walk away to start my shopping.

It wasn’t until AFTER I finished my shopping and I was heading outside to the vehicle, that I realized all those people were there at that moment to remind me that I have lots of people (friends and family) around me that care ABOUT me… That’s a good thing to have in our lives!

Now back to the kitchen I go to create some kind of masterpiece for dinner.  I bought the fixings for a new recipe for Curried Chicken, Roti and Lentil Dahl..  I haven’t made any of them before so it should be an interesting dinner..