In photography a “chimp” is someone who after every picture they take they look down at their view screen to see what they just took a picture of.

Ooohh.. Ohh.. ahhh…

I’m not much of a chimp anymore. I may glance down occassionally to make sure all is well. Maybe check my histogram… lol.. hahaha.. not really… I can’t really understand a histogram..

One of the first elementary rules in photography is to check your camera before you start shooting. Do you have a memory card in there? Is your battery charged? Is it in your camera? (don’t laugh, I’ve driven for 1/2 hour to shoot at a location and discovered my battery is still home in the charger). Are your settings correct?

We drive to the car show on Florence Blvd in Casa Grande, AZ, find parking and head towards all the shiny paint jobs, the bikes, cars and trucks that are older than I am. Because I don’t really know my automobiles, I will usually take a picture of the vehicle and then a second photo of the sign that tells me what it is. Oh it’s a 1956 FORD… cool!

I am doing exactly that and I “chimp” my screen and see that the sign and the truck are all in one photo. ??



Sure enough I’m still on the double exposure setting I was using last time I had my camera out.

Sometimes when you make a mistake shooting you create a “happy accident”. That DID NOT happen this time..

Here’s what I created in those first few moments before I “chimped”:

Kids dancing to the music.

1956 Ford – just like the sign says..