Can bread be too fluffy?

Yes it certainly can!

I’m experimenting with an Ahmish Bread Recipe that I found on the Internet.  It makes 2 loaves, and takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete.  That’s perfect, I say.  I followed the recipe the first time I made it and the result was 2 yeasty / sugary sweet loaves of bread.  Undaunted I phoned my sister for some ‘bread advice’, we adjusted the recipe as per her recommendations.  Yesterday, “Doris Domestic” – that’s me – decides to try again.  I mix the new portions, kneed, rise, punch, form into 2 loaves and let rise until 1inch above the pan.  So far, so good … I turn the oven on to preheat to 350, check it in a few minutes and it’s not quite hot enough, so I go to the living room to wait it out.  BUT, THAT’S WHEN THE TROUBLE BEGAN!  I’ve now started watching “The Glades” tv show, and I’m working on another album of pictures, so an HOUR goes by and finally R says ‘this bread is looking like it’s ready!’.  READY?? It’s now many more inches above the pans and doing it’s best imitation of a mushroom cap.  I carefully place it in the oven, cook for 30 minutes until a nice golden brown and voila! – bread.  This morning I attempt to cut said bread for a sandwich and it’s too fluffy to cut!  Too fluffy to even get the knife to break the fluffy crust, to begin slicing my first fluffy slice of fluffy bread.  I manage to gently slice off 2 slices of inch and a half bread and then realize that not only am I going to eat 1/3 of a loaf of bread for lunch, but it’s going to be made without butter, because it’s too fluffy to touch.  The end result was a cheddar cheese butterless sandwich.  Tomorrow I’m planning on having Sugar/ Cinnamon toast for breakfast.. double YUM..

This isn’t whole wheat is it?

Great evening with the sister, husband and nephews at the beach weiner roast last night.. threw rocks, skipped logs, picked crabs, and one of the nephews (who shall remain nameless) screached when a bug appeared from under a piece of seeweed :), We ate smores and hot dogs with WHITE buns, (Aunty – this isn’t whole wheat is it?)  This is the second time I’ve been asked this – the first time – I avoided the question and replied: ‘nope, it’s Chiabatta!’  I thought I was being real clever until I saw his plate come back with the bread part eaten, but the crusty skeleton still on his plate..  This time I relented and bought white everything – even for the adults.

A couple of cruise ships went by in front of us, the boys thought it was amazing that the cruise ships are so close you can count how many stories tall they are and see people walking on the decks as they cruise by.