Do you have any facilities here?

A nice looking, cleanly dressed, older gentleman, wearing rubber boots, walked in to the office this afternoon and asked me “do you have any facilities here?”.

I was busy and kind of distracted and my first thought was: facilities?  My mind immediately made a huge jump and started to visualize a multi million dollar marina with a laundry room, a cold beer and wine store, fuel barge, a pub, a small shop where you can buy sweatshirts, bathrooms with showers, that kind of thing.

I proceed to tell him ‘sorry, we don’t have any facilities here, but we have a porta-potty at the other end of the property for anyone who needs it’.  He thanks me and walks back outside. I was kind of stunned, because I had expected him to ask me about our moorage, how much it cost, did we have space, etc..

After I took a moment to review our conversation, I realized, that what he was really asking was:

 Do you have a Washroom that I can use?

By now, this poor man is hustling his poor old man’s body, while wearing rubber boots, back across the length of the parking lot, where he parked his truck. 


He was “gum-booting it”, he was “booking it”, he was “hustling”, he was “making a mile”, he was striding as fast as he could go, he bailed into his truck and fairly flew past the office on his way to our porta-potty which is located 90 seconds away.

I’m so sorry Mr. Nice looking, cleanly dressed, older gentleman, wearing rubber boots.  I would have hollered at you, and told you we had a washroom, and that you could use it.  But you had business to attend to and time was obviously of the essence.

I truly apologize.




Mukluks, Cell Phones in the Bathroom and Cheap Scotch Tape

Jun 6-2012

Here’s a few of my observations / thoughts from the last week or so.

I was driving to work and I saw this young teenager girl wearing short shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of Mukluks!!

Like these:


What kind of fashion statement is this?  Where did it come from?  Has anybody else seen this where they live?



Why do people go into a public bathroom and the first thing they do when they get in there, after sitting down, is make personal phone calls?  Don’t they think that the person on the other end can hear that they are in the bathroom?  First of all – you’ve got “the echo”, any one with a half an ear can hear the toilets flushing, water running, and the roar of the hand dryers.  I don’t get it…


I’ve decided that life is too short to use cheap scotch tape, underwear that doesn’t fit properly, and cheap scratchy towels!!