Sad is Bad!

Sad Kat

Sad Kat

I was feeling kind of blah sad this morning,

Couldn’t figure out what I felt like doing – doing nothing didn’t seem like much of an option seeing as how it was sort of sunny and dry outside.  It’s been grey and raining for days and days.

I searched my sad mind for something to do that would get me out of the “sads” — nothing really came to mind so I decided, ‘oh well’ I guess I’ll go out and at least pick up some fruit for lunches tomorrow.

Sad Kat

I drive my sad self to the grocery store, shuffle my sad feet in to the store and before I make it 10feet inside the store I see a lady that I used to work with many years ago.  She’s with her husband and they both look FANTASTIC!!  I’m standing there trying to make conversation with them as I have this thought .. 

I came downtown without washing my hair, I’m wearing an old scruffy sweater and I know I look like hell…

messy hair

but that’s not the worst part!…

It gets better! …

As I’m standing there another person I know goes past us – “Hi Kathy!” they say..

and another lady goes by who I know – “Hi Kathy!” she says..

My ex co-worker says “Wow you sure know a lot of people!”

and then another man comes by (my ex-boss) and says “Hi Kathy!”

….. Now remember… I look like HELL

AND I’M a SAD “looking like HELL” Kathy….

I finish up my conversation and walk away to start my shopping.

It wasn’t until AFTER I finished my shopping and I was heading outside to the vehicle, that I realized all those people were there at that moment to remind me that I have lots of people (friends and family) around me that care ABOUT me… That’s a good thing to have in our lives!

Now back to the kitchen I go to create some kind of masterpiece for dinner.  I bought the fixings for a new recipe for Curried Chicken, Roti and Lentil Dahl..  I haven’t made any of them before so it should be an interesting dinner..