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As of November 29, 2012 – I also have a selection of pictures that are available in prints, greeting cards, canvas, phone covers, pillow throws, all kinds of options.  They are available at:

Please check it out often as I’m always adding pictures.

I can’t help it!  I love this picture, and the more I look at it, the more I love it.  It’s all the different shapes and hidden doodads that are seen in the reflections.

 Grass resized

 Please check it out often as I’m always adding pictures.

Here’s a link to some other albums of photo’s from different places…

Here’s a link to some of my favorite Photo’s from Feb-2016 in and around Campbell River and Vancouver Island.

Sand Pattern 1357
Sand Pattern 1357

Comox Valley Photographic Society took a photo trip to Art Knapp Plantland in Courtenay.  Here are some of my photo’s from their store!

Christmas Village 0321


 Here’s a link to my photo’s taken in April 2015!

Clematis 4487

March 2015

Here’s a link to my photo’s taken in March 2015

Something White 4072

Feb 2015

Here’s a link to my photo’s taken in Feb 2015

Sunset Tree 3333

Jan 2015

Here’s a link to my photo’s taken in Jan 2015

August 17-2014

Saratoga Speedway!

Saratoga Racer #35
Father’s Day – June 15-2014 Photo shoot at Salmon Point Pub Flower Gardens
This is one of my favorite spots to photograph some local flowers.  I’ve added some of my pictures today to my collection of Flowers on my Flickr site.  I’ll add some more in the next couple of days!
Apr 28 – 2013
A couple of weeks ago we joined the Comox Photo Club on a trip to Nanaimo and we went to Bowen Park which is located in downtown Nanaimo.  I can’t believe I’ve never been there before.  It’s fantastic!  And to think it’s centrally located in the downtown area.  We also went to Pipers Lagoon on Hammond Bay Road.  Lots of great scenery and it’s always nice to get out and photograph a new location.  Here’s 2 pictures from that area.  The waterfall picture I took today and the panorama of Pipers Lagoon is from 2 weeks ago.
Bowen Park Waterfall

Bowen Park Waterfall

 Here’s my panorama photo from Pipers Lagoon on Apr 13 – 2013
Piper's Lagoon

Piper’s Lagoon

Jan 1 – 2013
Here’s a new set of photo’s. I took today at Saratoga Beach near Campbell River.  It was the Fisherman’s Pub Annual Polar Bear Swim.  This was an early shot of the crowd that was gathering to participate, and/or just cheer on their crazy family and friends.
And here’s the link to my set of pictures from THE Swim!
The first wave of people dashing into the water for the Annual Polar Bear Swim at Saratoga Beach near Campbell River.

The first wave of people dashing into the water for the Annual Polar Bear Swim at Saratoga Beach near Campbell River.

Aug 28 – 2012
This time of year there are lots of flowers in bloom along the streets of Campbell River in the landscaped areas.  Here’s a sample of some of my recent photos from beside the foreshore park in Campbell River.

Yes, yes it is a Bumble Bee’s Butt!!

And here’s a set of pictures that I’ve taken of different kinds of flowers.  I like photographing flowers, so many colors, shapes and details.
Aug 18 – 2012 
Today I went out to the Campbell River Airport with a friend from our Photo Club.  There was a group of sky divers out there, jumping out of planes and helicopters. They were kind enough to allow us out near the landing zone so we could take photo’s as the sky divers were coming in and landing.  You could hear the chutes opening as they descended and the next sound was the whooping, hollering, and exclamations of joy and happiness as they neared the ground.  It almost made me want to try it out — not really Mom –Tee Hee.

and a quick Thumbs up to the next group heading out!

July 29 – 2012
I’ve added some photo’s to Flickr.  I really like the new panorama photo’s that I took today at Goose Spit.  Here’s a link to that set on my Flickr Page and you can also see the recent pictures I’ve taken and posted there.

Goose Spit in Comox, BC

July 11 – 2012
I haven’t added anything here for awhile.  It’s not that I haven’t been taking pictures, it’s just that summer is a busy time and it’s harder to find the time to sit inside on my computer and sort through all the pictures I’ve been taking.  Tonight I’ve been going through some recent pictures and here’s one that makes me smile… This young puppy was down at the beach the other night and his owner is trying to teach him how to fetch!  Problem is, the pup is a bit leary of the ocean, so he’s reluctant to jump in too far.  It was quite comical.
June 14 – 2012
Here’s my favorite photo’s from the last couple of weeks.  I went up to the Garden Centre on Petersen Road here in Campbell River with my photo club.  We invaded their gardens for a couple of hours.  There were lots of flowers, hanging baskets and shrubs to take pictures of.  The unexpected part of the trip out there was this really cool neighborhood dog that came out to check us out thru the fence.

The Garden Centre Neighbour’s Dog

 Today at lunch I walked along the Campbell River.  I saw a slug and a wood bug sharing a rock, they didn’t make for very attractive models, so I looked around for something else interesting.  I saw a Robin fly into this shrub and then just as quick fly out with a salmon berry in it’s mouth.  That’s one thing I’ve learned about picture taking trips — just grab your camera and head out, there’s always something to take a picture of.
May 31 – 2012
Here’s a couple of flower Photo’s that I took this week.  I liked the colors in them.

Broom or is it Brrome?

May 19 – 2012

 This awesome Dragon Sculpture is in the Courtyard at the River Rock Casino and Resort in Richmond, BC.  It was created by Kevin Stone and he called it the Imperial Water Dragon.  Here’s Kevin’s website and a description of this sculpture as well as his other works. This is SO COOL!!

The Imperial Water Dragon’s Head

Here’s the link to the other pictures I took of the Dragon:

The Dragon Head in a Glowing Edge Effect done in Photoshop

 May 9 – 2012
Salmon Point Pub.
I’ve joined a photo club here in Campbell River and we met on Thursday night at the Pub and spent a couple of hours shooting and then joined back at the pub for a drink before heading home.  The photo shoots are not structured so we can wander around and take pictures of what ever strikes our fancy.  I started out taking pictures of the sea, then wandered around the path ways for a bit and ended up at this cool piece of driftwood.  It was an old tree, probably 12foot tall, I crawled around and over it, lots of roots and wood patterns. 

Salmon Point Pub Scenery

May 6 – 2012
My favorite picture from today.  Lots of interesting shapes in a dandelion once it goes to seed.  Makes me look differently at a little annoying yellow weed!

Dandelion Fuzz

 Apr 28 – 2012
This is my favorite photo from today.  As you can see it was grey outside, no sign of the sun or blue sky anywhere to be seen.  But, a cold spring day isn’t enough to keep a good tough Canadian women indoors.  So I went outside into the wind and the spitting rain and watched the Canadian Snowbird’s train for their 2012 Season of airshows.

Snowbirds at Air Force Beach, Comox, BC

Here’s the link to some more of the snowbird photo’s that I took while I was out there:
 Mar – 2012
We were in Bullhead City, Arizona for a vacation.

Panoramic Photo taken at Mohave Resort Golf Club in Fort Mohave – Laughlin – Bullhead City area

Here are a couple of pictures that I took on our recent Laughlin Adventure Dune Buggy Tour and the link to the set on my Flickr site.

We also took a short road trip drive out to Oatman, Arizona.  It’s a cool place to see, like taking a step back in time, a good place to people watch, shop for touristy stuff, feed the donkeys that roam the streets there, and feed yourself while you’re at it.

An Oatman Donkey with a very crooked ear!

Oatman, AZ

Grapevine Canyon, Laughlin, Nevada
This canyon is located 5 miles outside of Laughlin on Highway 163 that leads to Las Vegas.  Leave Laughlin, turn right onto Christmas Tree Pass (It’s a gravel road, but is easy to drive with any type of vehicle), go 2 miles and you will see a sign and a road on your left that says “Grapevine Canyon”.  Go down the road to the parking area and it’s a short, easy walk into the petroglyphs.  I think the walk back into the canyon is tougher and not for everyone, but you can easily see the petroglyphs without too much effort.
Here’s my link to my pictures of the canyon.

Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs

Mohave Rodeo
We went to the local rodeo at the Avi Casino grounds on the Mohave Reservation.  We bought tickets and walked in and spent a couple of hours watching steer wrestling, steer roping, saddle bronc riding, bull riding and barrell racing.  It was fun to watch all the talent from across the different states competing against each other.

The Professional Bull Riders Association are having their event on March 23/24th.  We have tickets to go back and see the action.

Here’s some pictures from our day at the rodeo and a link to my Rodeo set on Flickr:

London Bridge Jet Boat Tour from Laughlin to Lake Havasu
We booked a tour on The London Bridge Jet Tour here in Laughlin.  You get to travel 58 miles down the Colorado River to Lake Havasu and back and see the bridges, rock formations of Topock Gorge and other historical sites on the way.

The London Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona

Here’s the link to my other pictures of our London Bridge Jet Boat Tour to Lake Havasu:

“The Dragon”, a rock formation in Topock Gorge.

Here’s a link to a set of pictures that I’ve taken of some of the cactus plants and flowers that we’ve seen on our walks along the river.

Flowering cactus in Bullhead City, Arizona

Buds on a cactus in Bullhead City, Arizona

 Dec – 2011
I went down with a friend and we photographed the Christmas Window and decorations at Something Special on Shoppers Row / Island Highway in Campbell River.  I know the owner so asked if it was alright if I came back one evening and take pics of the inside of the store.  This set on Flickr showcases both the windows and some of the store items.

Something Specail Christmas Window

Something Special Table Settings

Here’s the link to my set of Something Special Gifts pictures on Flickr:

Nov 11 – 2011
A Rainy Rememberance Day in Campbell River
In the midst of a howling sou’easter I went down town to show my support to our local veterans on Rememberance Day.

This was our Parade of Veterans on Rememberance Day. The streets were lined with supporters as they walked through the rain on their way to the Cenotaph.

As I stood listening to the ceremonies, this leaf landed on the person beside me, and just as quickly the storming wind whisked it away!

 For more of my Rememberance Day Photo’s click here:
Oct 31 – 2011
Halloween at The Coates’
Had a chance to practice my night photography on Halloween.  We went out to the Coates’ place and they have the scariest yard in Campbell River.  Check it out, if you dare:

Halloween Laser Eyes

Halloween Scary Face

More scary Halloween pictures:
Oct 22 – 2011
Victoria, BC
I spent the weekend in Victoria with my sister and her son.  We went on a tour of the parliament buildings, took a trip to the bug zoo and strolled the streets shopping and looking at all the cool buildings there.  Here are some of the pictures and the link to my Flickr site to look at more of the pictures I took while we were there.
The Parliament Buildings:

Hey Auntie! Why do they have a no nose picking sign in the Parliament Buildings?

The Parliament Building in Victoria, BC

This is one of the areas inside the Parliament Building in Victoria, BC

If you are in Victoria and have someone who isn’t afraid of bugs and wants to learn about them, see them, or hold them, then don’t be afraid to go to the Bug Zoo.  It’s worth the trip!
Victoria Bug Zoo™ Logo
Here’s the link and a sample of the pictures I took while we were there.
The Bug Zoo:
Hey Auntie!  You have to be over 18 to hold a Tarantula – do you want to hold this one?  (umm no, not really!!)

You just know you’re going to see a Tarantula if you’re at the Bug Zoo!!

But, I could see myself holding something as innocent looking as this little guy!!

The Empress and The Parliament Buildings were both built by Francis Rattenbury.Here’s a link to Wikipedia that gives you some more information: Here is the link to my Flickr set of pictures that I took of the Empress Hotel:

 Sep 17 – 2011
 Ft. St. John, BC
I went back home for a visit to the peace country!  My first thought when I get back there is ‘WOW, the sky is big’.  It’s so wide open, you can see tomorrow’s weather coming at you!
It’s a long drive from Edmonton to Ft. St. John so I amused myself by taking pictures out the window as we drove along.  We did pull over so I could trek thru the ditch and get closer to the hay bales.

Big Sky Hay

More Ft. St. John Scenery pictures are on my Flickr site at the link below:

Ft. St. John Panoramic Scene

 Matt & Megan’s Wedding
Our family all gathered in Edmonton in Sep for Matt & Megan’s wedding.  It was so much fun and a great way to spend a weekend with the family and finally meet Matt and his family!
If you want to see more pictures, click on the link below.
Sep 4 – 2011
Today we walked to downtown Campbell River for the annual Labour Day Show ‘n Shine.  There were over 200 Classic Cars on display.  I quickly realized that I wasn’t able to take pictures of EVERYTHING, so I started out with a few shots of Wheels.  Here’s a couple of them and the link to my Set on Flickr.

There’s a cool reflection in this classy wheel.

Multi sided reflections and lots of feet and leg shadows in this shiny wheel.

After wheels I moved up to the decals and engines and some of the street scenery.  Here’s the link to that set.

Then I saw this Steering Wheel reflected in the mirror and that resulted in this 3rd set of pictures called: Steering Wheels!

 Here’s the final set of pictures from the Classic Car Show ‘n Shine.
 I called it “THE CARS”, but there’s trucks in there too!
Aug 31 – 2011
Here’s a few more pictures that I took from the shore of the Tyee Pool here in Campbell River this week.
and here’s the link to the set on Flickr

Tyee Pool at sunset

These gentlemen were on shore overlooking the Tyee Pool and watching the Tyee Salmon jumping out of the water.

This is me being “artistic”.

A Tyee boat motoring out to the pool to begin fishing.

Aug 25 – 2011
I’ve posted a new set of pictures called “The Garden” on my Flickr site.  It’s part of my Flower Collection.
Aug 19 – 2011
I’ve started a set of pictures called “Tyee Fishing 2011”  Here’s a couple of pictures that I took tonight.  The season ends of Sep 15th, so I’ll be adding to this set until then.
Here’s the 2nd picture!
Aug 18 – 2011
These 2 pictures are part of a set of pictures that I just put up on Flickr called Thistle!

Thistle Bee

Aug 7 – 2011
The following pictures were taken at Parksville, BC, (Vancouver Island) at the annual Parksville Sand Castle and Sculpture competition.

Parksville Sand Sculpture – Aug 2011

 Here’s the link to more pictures from the Competition.

Taken at the Parksville BC Sand Castle & Sculptures Competition

July 29 – 2011
Tonight we went out for dinner and then stopped off at the Fishing Pier for an ice cream.  I took this picture with my IPhone and used the Pano APP to stitch it together.  I like the way it turned out.

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