2012 OLYMPICS in London

August 2012

Cam Levins competes in London Olympics 2012 10,000 Meter Race

Cam Levins is from Black Creek, BC here on Vancouver Island near Campbell River.  He finished 11th — that is an incredible feat or is it feet?  His next race is the 5,000 meter on Aug 10th at 11:30AM local time.. go Cam!!  Here’s a link to an article about Cam and also the Gold Medal winner, Farah, from Great Britian.


 I may be in to Olympic Overload by now, but here’s a really cool picture from today’s coverage of the Olympics.  I’ll add more stuff as I find it.

Olivier Guillon of France riding Lord de Theize at London 2012 Games


New Zealand’s Peter Burling and Blair Tuke celebrate their win in London 2012


This link is to a show that Rick Mercer did on the Canadian Trampoline Olympic training earlier this year.  If this doesn’t make you laugh you’ld better go get your funny bone checked out!  Of course, maybe I’m a bit prejudiced, but Rick Mercer makes me laugh all the time anyway..  Now that Rosie has won her gold medal, it makes this even more appropriate


Rosie’s first reaction when she realized that she probably has won the medal

Rosie wins our first gold medal of the 2012 London Olympics

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