Flip, Flip, Flip!

Here’s what happens when there’s NO HOCKEY on TV:

mmmm — I wonder what I should do with all my spare time?

Maybe I could watch something else on TV!  Flip, flip, flip..

I’ve watched some interesting, informative documentaries.  Science Stuff,  Geography, Animals, Mammals, Concerts, PBS, Technology, People doing good things.. Well that was alright, (I guess)..

Maybe I could catch up on my reading! Flip, flip, flip..

I’ve read some interesting, informative books.  A book by John Edwards “Crossing Over”, a Wilbur Smith Novel (gotta love Wilbur!), “The Spirit Molecule” – very interesting but didn’t understand a lot of the biology and LSD references.. ( I guess that’s a good thing).. The LSD part I mean 🙂    Today I pick up a small book called “Cliches & Platitudes”.. a book of one liners, etc.

I see the book laying on the bookshelf! Flip, flip, flip..

The first thing that catches my attention?


  Who needs hockey anyway??

This is how I felt when Canada scored the Bronze Medal winning goal this morning


Best Celebration of a Gold Medal YET!!

Robert Harting Wins GOLD!

I liked the part about – If I won you would have to epoxy my feet solidly to the ground for the next 20 minutes… or was it 10?  Awesome!!

DorDar made me do this, they get both the credit and the blame.

Dor/Dar: Kathy you should start a Blog!

Kathy: A Blog?

Dor/Dar: Yes, it’s easy, my son has one!

Kathy: Well how hard could it be?


How hard can this be?

Thanks DorDar – I’m still trying to

 figure out how to add stuff to my blog.

 Can’t figure out if I need to add a new

 page or find the first page and just keep

on adding on to it.


 This is HARD WORK!


Here is my link to most of my favorite photo’s that I’ve taken.  I have my camera with me most of the time, so am always experimenting with different subjects and exposure settings.  Check it out often ’cause I add to it often. Please feel free to leave comments on any photo’s as I am always interested to hear what you think.  I have copyrights to all of the pictures so if you have a commercial or personal interest for any of my photo’s then feel free to contact me: