Washington, DC – the 2 M’s

Wash K75_3793IN

The Memorials were impressive:  The FDR Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial Wall, The Korean War Memorial and on and on.

Wash K75_3768IN

Martin Luther King Jr’s Memorial in DC with a tourist in the frame to give the photo scale.

Our favorite was Franklin D Roosevelt’s.  It’s located next to the Jefferson Memorial and near Martin Luther King Jr’s memorial as well.  FDR’s memorial has no stairs and is wheelchair accessible as you would assume it should be.  It is a large open space with statues of him, his wife Eleanor and their dog, a Scottish terrior named Fala.

Wash Rosevelt K75_3803IN

The Soup Kitchen statue at the FDR Memorial in DC. Oct-2017.

Wash K75_3805IN

On the wall at FDR Memorial in Washington, DC.

Washington K75_3829IN

Want to drive in DC? Just pick a lane and go!

Wash K75_3813IN

Watching over the Capitol Building and the White House in DC.

Stan’s Captured Sunlight

Boat K70_5985IN


Thanks so much to my friend and fellow “Dormite” Stan Chmelyk for inspiring me today, and in days past, to keep shooting, to keep sharing my photo’s.  Sometimes I think that my friends and family must surely be getting tired of me posting my latest photo from my latest foray outside.  So I love it when I find out that they aren’t.  Thanks Stan, you made my day!  This one’s named for you!

PS.. thanks to all my friends and family for your support, I sure do appreciate it!

Shane’s 1974 Dodge Dart

Shane Schumacher’s 1974 Dodge Dart

I found this cool old car parked at Canadian Tire on Friday, May 13-2016.  It’s a 1974 Dodge Dart owned by Shane Schumacher who works at Canadian Tire in Campbell River.  I want to thank Shane for making my day and allowing me to crawl around his car and try out my new wide angle lens.  You made my day!

Dart K70_3179.jpg

Here’s a link to my Flickr site where I’ve made up an album of my photo’s of Shane’s Car.


Dart K70_3185.JPG



Flickr and the Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow 1266

My most viewed photo this week.  I like how it looks like it’s poked up thru the cloud and is reaching in to the sky.  I’m hoping the reason that it’s getting so many views is that everyone thinks it’s a cool photo, not because it starts with a “P” if you know what I mean. 🙂

Warwick Dahlias!

A short drive between Campbell River and Courtenay on Vancouver Island is Warwick Dahlia’s.  This place is Macro Heaven for a photographer and a gardeners paradise for anyone who has a green thumb and a love of Dahlia’s.  You visit the farm, pick out your Dahlia bulbs, place your order, wait for spring and if you are lucky, PRESTO, you purchase the bulbs, plant them, and watch them grow.

Here’s a link to my set of pictures from my visit to Warwick Dahlia’s!

https://www.flickr.com/photos/kathys-kreation/sets/72157647040474106/Simple White A Dahlia D7K_0040FBRS A Dahlia D7K_0107FBRS

April Point – July 15 – 2014

Nice night to view the Cruise Ships crossing in front of April Point Resort in Campbell River, BC

Nice night to view the Cruise Ships crossing in front of April Point Resort in Campbell River, BC

Hey Calgary / Union Bay… I will post more pictures later tonight and tomorrow…

Here they are..

Have a Seat!

it’s a set on Flickr (where I put most of my photo’s for people to see).  I hope you had a good trip home and all is well!

Took a trip!

RIP Church


Arbutus Abstract

Arbutus Abstract

I just got back from a 3 day trip to Salt Spring and Pender Island with the Comox Valley Camera Club.  We spent 2 nights in Sidney BC and then took day trips to the Islands via BC Ferries.  The weather wasn’t fantastic so some of the photo’s have light grey sky, but, hey that’s the way it goes sometimes.  The Islands were beautiful and I’ve never ventured over that way before so it was great to see new scenery.  We visited Salt Spring Island first and went to the Saturday Vendor Market, to the top of Mt Maxwell, Ruckles Park with a visit to the historic farm at Ruckles Park to see the wild (Not very) turkeys there.  Sunday we went over to Pender Island and went to Bricky Bay, Roesland Park and Brooks Point on South Pender Island.  Lots of scenery and stuff to see.  My favorite part of the trip was the Arbutus Grove and Bluff in Roesland.  I love the wild shapes and strength of the Arbutus.  It’s a really cool tree..

Turkey Ugly

Turkey Ugly

I’m published! This is cool!!

I was recently featured in a magazine called RVwest!  The article was called: Campbell River with a camera | RVwest.  Here is the link to the article and my pictures that they used.  Make sure to click on the dots under the sunset picture to see the rest of the photo’s they chose to illustrate Campbell River and all the awesome photo opportunites here!

via Campbell River with a camera | RVwest.

I’m pretty excited that RVwest noticed my photo’s from my Flikr site and wanted to use them for this article they wrote on Campbell River.  How cool is that?

Here’s the set of pictures on Flickr that show most of my favorite photo’s of Campbell River!

Tyee Sunset



I’m in the Jan / Feb issue of RV West Magazine!!

I'm in RV West Magazine Jan/ Feb issue page 30

I’m in RV West Magazine Jan/ Feb issue page 30

Originally I thought that only one of my photos was used and I wrote:

well ok, maybe I am a teensy wheensy bit disappointed that they only chose to use 1 of my photos after asking me to submit up to 10, and it is a free magazine, but I AM STILL TOTALLY EXCITED AND PROUD to be in here,  it feels kind of awesome actually!  This photo is one of my definite favourites and is at my favorite place to photograph. You can check out the rest of the magazine at RV West Magazine online edition or pick up a paper copy at RV locations near you, I assume.

But, now I find out that if you go on-line and click on the arrow beside the picture that you get to see my other 8 photos!!!, well now, that makes me tickled pink, and I’m even more excited, and more proud of this accomplishment. Thanks everyone for so much support and encouragement. I say it and i mean it! Thank-you, thank-you thanks!!