#BsLabels, Boneless Bananas, Popcorn, and Marketing.

banana bonelesswatermelonI was doing some searching about Boneless Bananas and found this article (which I’m sharing) that pretty well covers what I’m thinking about the creative labelling on products.  Click this link to read the article #BsLabels, Boneless Bananas, Popcorn, and Marketing.. I guess this proves that you can always gain an edge with some smart marketing ideas.  This runs on the heals of my post the other day about “ORGANIC WOOD”..  I saw a sign yesterday marketing “Boneless Watermelon”.  I’m not kidding, so keep an eye out and shop smart I suppose.  Don’t want to crack a tooth chomping down on your fruit do you?

Organic Firewood – Clever Marketing or ?

So the story goes like this:

We are driving home today and we see a sign proudly proclaiming that you can stop and buy

ORGANIC FIREWOOD by the bundle


and I’m thinking…

NOW that is CLEVER marketing.

But you know, I’m a 70’s child and I’m not so sure now that there is organic this and organic that everywhere you look.  Is there really such a thing as organic firewood?  I head to the trusty ‘ol internet search thingy and after a few quick searches I’m none the wiser but there may be such a thing.  No pesticides, chopped by hand?? Does anyone else know about this?  Is this a joke?

March to your own Drum!

While stopped at one of the many RED lights on my way to work this morning I observed a stylish young man who is obviously not afraid to stand out in a crowd – actually he would stand out in a crowd in downtown Vancouver!

The lime green shoes were NOT the first thing I noticed..

Nor was it his

frosted blond hair do!

Nope, it was..

 Yup, Yes indeedy, it was, a ground length FUR COAT!  Way to go young man – you brightened up my day by reminding me that we should all march to our own drummer and follow our heart!

Beer and Bananas

bananaIn our house there are 2 people!  One who likes to shop for groceries and the other who doesn’t find it that much fun.  The one who LIKES grocery shopping works during the day and the one who DOESN’T has a bit more time on their hands.

Our conversation the other night went something like this:

She – do we need any groceries? He – maybe some bananas! She – what about dinner tomorrow? He – I’m thinking of curried pork. She – ok I will pick up the usual fridge food.

She works, gets off work, trudges to the grocery store, buys banana’s and the usual fridge veggies, hauls them up the stairs to the apt…. as she’s walking down the hallway she smells delicious curried pork in the hallway of the building…..




So you know what that means!! We have double everything..

Bananas, Onions, Peppers, Celery, Carrots x 2!!

What are we going to do with 16 Bananas??

Carry forward to last night’s conversation:


She – Do we need to buy beer?

Laughter erupts!!

She/he – well that’s something that wouldn’t hurt to double up on.

The Ford and the Eurythmics


You know how it is… you make a big purchase and then for the next week you beat yourself up for your decision!

Should I have looked around more?

Was there a better deal out there?

Is there something wrong with THIS truck?

Why did the last owner trade it in anyway?

That’s been me for the last week!

When we bought the truck it had a Sirius Radio subscription and so I listened to 80’s on 8 for the first few days.  Yesterday, my magical subscription to Sirius ENDED, so I spent the drive to work listening to TSN Radio from Vancouver (they were discussing my Canucks so I was cool with that).  On the way home I turned on to the local radio station because the Vancouver channel was fading in and out.  That was OK, but I would rather listen to my own choice of music if I can. Last night I dug out some CD’s as a last resort (yes, I still have CD’s)..

I get out to the truck to drive to work, go to insert the CD and it won’t work!

What the hell?  Why won’t my CD go in the slot?  Is there a problem? Well what do you know..

1986-eurythmicsEureka!!!  In the CD player is the Eurythmics!!

The previous owner was an Eurythmics FAN – they forgot their CD!!!

Is it a Sign?

Is it?

It might just be a sign that we made the right choice!  After all – The Eurythmics are someone’s favorite group of ALL TIME..

Clothing Styles and the Thermometer


I spotted a young lady walking down the street the other day and I did a double look, and then another double look..

what IS she wearing?

It was NOT warm out, just above freezing, I had just scraped a light frost off the windshield a few minutes before seeing her.  Is she wearing skin colored leggings?  or skin colored tight pants? 

what IS she wearing?

As I approached closer, I saw a short jacket with a flair at the waist, very contemporary, very stylish!  But what is she wearing under the jacket? 




Shortest of shorts, shorter than short shorts, they couldn’t get any shorter shorts – that’s what she was wearing! 


She surely must have been a tich cold wearing skimpy clothes, long legs exposed to the outside temperature.  I realized right then and there that I’m glad that I’m not of that age where needing to follow the styles is more critical than dressing for your surroundings.  I remember wearing running shoes for a whole winter in FSJ when I was in grade 12.  My feet were freezing, I slipped and slid everywhere I tried to walk.  But I would have been a DORK if I wore winter boots — and I didn’t want to be a DORK now did I?

Image   But I sure felt cool!


We made it To Pattaya!! Came by Taxi from Bangkok, (90 mins ride here for $50). The taxi randomly drops us off on a street beside a bar for me to sit at while Randy went searching for a room. He was gone for over an hour, comes back to find me after being unable to find a room anywhere, only to discover that the Englishman who owns the pub has a room upstairs lol. So I found a room while sitting at the bar. No beers in the bar or anywhere until midnight ’cause it’s a pre-election weekend and there’s no alcohol allowed. But, in typical Thai fashion, you can see everyone drinking out of tea cups, mugs, etc.
Today (Monday) we hopped on the local Transportation that costs a dime called the “baht bus” and it’s a pick up truck with benches and a railing and a cover over it, you can go for miles along the main beach road and there are hundreds of baht trucks driving around. They are numbered for license purposes,we assume, and we spent a half hour sitting at a street restaurant watching them go by and the lowest number we saw was a 2 and the largest number was 667. Somehow the beer tastes better and the ocean looks better, and the grass is greener on the other side teehee.