The Ford and the Eurythmics


You know how it is… you make a big purchase and then for the next week you beat yourself up for your decision!

Should I have looked around more?

Was there a better deal out there?

Is there something wrong with THIS truck?

Why did the last owner trade it in anyway?

That’s been me for the last week!

When we bought the truck it had a Sirius Radio subscription and so I listened to 80’s on 8 for the first few days.  Yesterday, my magical subscription to Sirius ENDED, so I spent the drive to work listening to TSN Radio from Vancouver (they were discussing my Canucks so I was cool with that).  On the way home I turned on to the local radio station because the Vancouver channel was fading in and out.  That was OK, but I would rather listen to my own choice of music if I can. Last night I dug out some CD’s as a last resort (yes, I still have CD’s)..

I get out to the truck to drive to work, go to insert the CD and it won’t work!

What the hell?  Why won’t my CD go in the slot?  Is there a problem? Well what do you know..

1986-eurythmicsEureka!!!  In the CD player is the Eurythmics!!

The previous owner was an Eurythmics FAN – they forgot their CD!!!

Is it a Sign?

Is it?

It might just be a sign that we made the right choice!  After all – The Eurythmics are someone’s favorite group of ALL TIME..

Clothing Styles and the Thermometer


I spotted a young lady walking down the street the other day and I did a double look, and then another double look..

what IS she wearing?

It was NOT warm out, just above freezing, I had just scraped a light frost off the windshield a few minutes before seeing her.  Is she wearing skin colored leggings?  or skin colored tight pants? 

what IS she wearing?

As I approached closer, I saw a short jacket with a flair at the waist, very contemporary, very stylish!  But what is she wearing under the jacket? 




Shortest of shorts, shorter than short shorts, they couldn’t get any shorter shorts – that’s what she was wearing! 


She surely must have been a tich cold wearing skimpy clothes, long legs exposed to the outside temperature.  I realized right then and there that I’m glad that I’m not of that age where needing to follow the styles is more critical than dressing for your surroundings.  I remember wearing running shoes for a whole winter in FSJ when I was in grade 12.  My feet were freezing, I slipped and slid everywhere I tried to walk.  But I would have been a DORK if I wore winter boots — and I didn’t want to be a DORK now did I?

Image   But I sure felt cool!


We made it To Pattaya!! Came by Taxi from Bangkok, (90 mins ride here for $50). The taxi randomly drops us off on a street beside a bar for me to sit at while Randy went searching for a room. He was gone for over an hour, comes back to find me after being unable to find a room anywhere, only to discover that the Englishman who owns the pub has a room upstairs lol. So I found a room while sitting at the bar. No beers in the bar or anywhere until midnight ’cause it’s a pre-election weekend and there’s no alcohol allowed. But, in typical Thai fashion, you can see everyone drinking out of tea cups, mugs, etc.
Today (Monday) we hopped on the local Transportation that costs a dime called the “baht bus” and it’s a pick up truck with benches and a railing and a cover over it, you can go for miles along the main beach road and there are hundreds of baht trucks driving around. They are numbered for license purposes,we assume, and we spent a half hour sitting at a street restaurant watching them go by and the lowest number we saw was a 2 and the largest number was 667. Somehow the beer tastes better and the ocean looks better, and the grass is greener on the other side teehee.

Memories and Wheat

Had an interesting conversation about this picture. Is it wheat? Or straw? or something else?  Then the conversation switched to childhood memories and what triggers these emotions! Very interesting progression.

Below this picture is the Facebook Conversation that progressed thru the day regarding Wheat or Straw?

Is it Wheat or Straw?

Is it Wheat or Straw?

Terry: Are those actually wheat bales? I read that people do sometimes bale wheat for feed now, if wheat prices are down, but I still automatically think it’s hay when I see bales. I thought those were bromegrass or something.

  • Kathy
    good question!  They are probably hay.. I was just driving by, saw them, and “baled” out to take a picture — (damn I’m so funny).. Stop the car, stop the car.. that was me!!
  • Terry
    Yuck yuck. Our home is a bad joke friendly zone.
    Odds are, it’s hay. Not clover or alfalfa. The stubble’s wrong for that. Some kind of grass. You can’t be wrong if you say Bales Under A Blue Sky.
  • Kathy
    Terry – I can clearly imagine your home being a bad joke friendly place.. tee hee.. Carol  might remember where we were when I made her pull over so I could take this picture.  I think we were still in Alberta somewhere..?
  • Cathy
    Prairie boy John says it’s either hay (light green) or straw (golden)(hay=grass; straw=what’s left when they’ve harvested the grain crop) lol, too much info here? 🙂
    absolutely love this pic Kathy!
  • Terry
    After ruling out wheat feed, I thought it could be wheat or barley straw, but the bit left standing in the foreground looks like grass to me so my guess is hay. At the farm, we always had clover or alfalfa and a field of bromegrass for feed. Of course, that was back in the stack-the-little-square-bales-by-hand days. The big round ones seem like cheating.
  • Carol
    It was somewhere between Grande Prairie and FSJ
  • Stan
    Nope, this is not a hay field.  That field is stubble from some sort of grain and those are straw bales.  The grain was likely harvested without the chopper going on the combine and then the straw (sans grain) was baled.  The straw is good for bedding but very little else – no nutrient value at all  It looks to me like it could be oats in the foreground.  The bales and stubble are far too golden for this to be hay.  Barley straw has more of a golden color than wheat so that is a possibility.  The trees in the background are still green and barley being harvested much earlier (mid August) than wheat (early Sept) supports the barley possibility.  I miss the farm this time of year…sigh!  You can take the boy off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy!
  • Kathy
    This picture was taken Sep19-2011 – does that help? I certainly can’t help out with the discussion as I didn’t grow up on a farm – We just got to visit the farm cousins and chase pigs and fall off horses!… LOL
  • Stan
    I grew up (some have suggested that I never did grow up) on a grain farm.  The color would suggest to me barley – maybe oats.  However. I would put money on that not being a hay field.  What is most important however, is that the picture is very beautiful and brings back many, many fond memories of my childhood.  🙂
  • Kathy
    Stan you’re right about memories – Music and photo’s are a great trigger that take us right back to another time in an instant.
  • Stan
    Yes, I agree.  One of the strongest memory triggers for me is the sense of smell.  Certain odors will bring a flash of a picture in my mind back to the point in time where that sensation was first experienced.  The human brain is claimed to be the most complex structure in the universe and it is difficult to argue with that!
  • Melody
    I agree with straw bales. If it was hay bales the green hay that was below the  cut would still be in the field. 🙂 I was very lucky to be raised in country settings.

Running because it’s FUN!

I saw something today that made me remember the “old” days – A couple of teenaged boys were running down the street in a mad dash, I assumed they were running to catch a bus, and the boy in the lead looked back, grinned at his friend, picked up his pace, gave his friend the finger, and they both laughed and quit running.  That’s when I realized they were running just for the fun of it, playing around with each other, no gadgets, no reason for running, just playing.. I liked that a LOT!!

Burnt Toast!

After arriving back in Canada after a 5 week trip to TEXAS, we joked that it’s time to join Weight Watchers AND Alcoholics Anonymous.  Wow, was it fun, but the portion control – well there wasn’t any..

Back to the Burnt Toast.

 I look over at our bread supply this morning and we have a chiabatta bun and 2 slices of bread, one of the slices is the heal.  Well, I can’t make my lunch sandwich out of the bread, ’cause I don’t like hard bread for my sandwich.  I decide to toast the bread and have toast and jam for breakfast.  This goes against my well thought out dietary plans of eating healthy grains for breakfast, not bread, but, hey, I don’t want to waste the bread do I?  Ok then, toast for breakfast it is.  I put the toast in the toaster oven, wait for it to finish, butter it, and set it aside for after my lunch is made.

I then decide to take the chiabatta bun for my lunch.  But, I’m picky, and I don’t like Chiabatta buns unless they are toasted.  I plop the chiabatta bun in to the well heated toaster oven, turn the dial, and continue to organize the rest of my lunch while the Chiabatta toasts!

Wash the apples,

core the apples,

cut the apples into nice easy slices,

place in bag for lunch,

watch Sportsnet for a bit,

chat with the hubby for a bit,


 burnt toast

burnt toast smoke is everywhere, it’s still rolling itself out of every crevice of the toaster oven and curling it’s way up the cupboards and along the ceiling of the kitchen!

Well there goes my lunch!

Some people might:  cuss, swear, moan about the smell, moan that their lunch is ruined, nothing ever works out for them, their life sucks, they are cursed.

I say to my husband, ‘well that’s ok, I’m switching to Plan B – I should have been eating the healthy grain cereal anyway, not bread, so I’ll just take the first set of toasted crust bread for my lunch, and have the cereal for my breakfast’.

He looks at me and says:  “And that’s why you’re an optomist!”


 YES, I AM!!



Slow down or GO faster?

When you’re heading to work, doing the Dogwood Dash, and you’re late because you (were too lazy to get up on time, spent too much time checking emails, and facebook, dreaming about your Texas vacation, procrastinated over how many pickles to put in your sandwich today, went outside and found ice on your windshield, but couldn’t find the frost scraper).




First light – Red, Second light – Red, Next one yellow (went thru safely), Next one yellow (could have stopped, but didn’t), Next one yellow (should have probably stopped at that one), Next one – Red.

Got me to thinking — Is the universe trying to tell you to SLOW DOWN or GO FASTER??

What do you think?

Pennies and Pickles!

I’ve been having a couple of sad days and am really missing my mom LOTS!  It could be that it’s the realization that our family is starting a New Year and she isn’t going to be here with us to share our experiences.  It’s also my Birthday this month and it will be the first without her.  I’ve been feeling kind of blue, like I said.  My sister posted this poem this morning and it helped me remember that Mom is watching over us, she wouldn’t want us to be TOO sad about her passing.


“I found a penny today, just laying on the ground;
But it’s not just a penny, this little coin I’ve found.
Found pennies come from Heaven, that’s what my Grandpa told me;
He said that angels toss them down-Oh, how I loved that story!”
He said when an Angel misses you, they toss a penny down;
Sometimes just to cheer you up, to make a smile out of your frown.
So don’t pass by that penny, when you’re feeling blue;
it may be a penny from Heaven that an Angel’s tossed to you!”
– “Angel’s Pennies,” Author Unknown


I spent the morning having a pep talk with myself.  Morning turns into lunch.  I open my sad lunch bag and unwrap my sandwich that I made this morning.  Yum, Roast Beef, Pickles, Mayo..

I all of a sudden realize that this Sandwich tastes AWESOME!  Grain bread with just the right amount of crunch in it, perfectly seasoned Prime Rib Sliced Beef with the right amount of Mayo and the best, most delicious part of the whole sandwich was the Pickle.  Not too sour, perfectly crunchy.


I remember that Mom was the “Queen of Sandwiches”.  She made sandwiches out of everything, and her and I used to joke that we could live out of our fridges if we just had a loaf of bread.  Eggs, Cheese, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, “fridge food”..

So my day turns into a happier one with thoughts of Pennies and Pickles.