Canada Day 2015 – 8 reasons to love Canada


Today is CANADA DAY – JULY 1st – 2015

I found this article written by a person who has dual Canadian / US Citizenship.  Here are their 8 reasons Canada is better than the US.

1.  In surveys completed around the world, the world thinks we are awesome!  We are rated at the top of the charts, next is Sweden, Germany, the UK, Brazil and then the USA.

2.  We ARE HAPPY!  We love living here and don’t mind telling you that.

3.  We have the lowest rate of assaults and freely wander around at night feeling quite safe.

4.  Canadian Health Care, although slower, is better than in the USA.

5.  Canadian 15yr old children are smarter than 15yr old American children when completing national surveys.

6.  We have cleaner air.

7.  We can’t do everything the best – WE ARE TERRIBLE at VOTING.  Only 61% of registered voters bother to vote. YIKES!!

8.  Canada is AWESOME at Hockey!!

You just had to know that HOCKEY had to come up and that it makes the list.  I love HOCKEY!!


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