OH NO – I’m going blind

A week ago I woke up with a new friend. I don’t really need a new friend to be honest. I already have a friend called “tinnitus” – woke up with her 8 years ago. She’s really annoying. My new friend is like a one-eyed-smiley-face “floater” in my eye. She’s super annoying. Follows me everywhere I look. Right. Left. Up. Down. She moves quick. If she was a fast car I’ld be impressed with her speed. But she’s not and I’m not!

I’ve seen an ophthalmologist and nothing horrible is going on with my new friend. I have a follow up next week as well. And then today happened.. I put my contact lens in, dash to the grocery store for some stuff, get into all those brightly lit aisles with colorful tins and packages and they are all a bit blurry. Finish my shopping. Get home. Start baking and realize I can’t really read the recipe card all that well. Close my left eye. That looks better!

Open my left eye. BLURRY! Not just a little blurry, but BIG BLURRY!! OH NO – I’m going blind! My friend is causing me grief. OH NO!! This is horrible. I already can’t hear and now I’m going blind in one eye.

Might as well take my contact lens out I say to myself… I take it out and everything is peachy keen. Wait!! What?? What is that? Seriously?? I look down in the palm of my hand and I have 2 contact lenses there.

Turns out that 2 contacts in one eye does not result in double perfect vision.

The good news is I’m not going blind today!

The bad news is I’ve apparently forgotten how to count and separate my right from my left 😎

6 thoughts on “OH NO – I’m going blind

  1. Kathy, you crack me up! I see “rainbows” out of the corner of my eye. Not a friend, but a condition called Migraine without the Headache. At least it’s pretty 😀

  2. I, too, have laughed out loud at your comments at various times, and this s another of those. Although vision issues are very concerning, as I’ve discovered in the past 2+ years. I’ve had an eye surgery followed by cataract surgery, so I can relate. However, the two contacts slayed me! I thought perhaps you had the wrong contact in that eye or perhaps, if you wear soft contacts, that it had turned inside out. Those things happen, too. Best of luck with the floater, and glad your vision is otherwise OK! Keep the posts coming – love ’em all!

  3. Hi Kathy, love the humor in this. I didn’t know about the tinnitus. My son Cody has been dealing with that one for awhile. But wow I’m sitting here at home thinking about one thing on my mind. The little floating specks I imagined seeing earlier this afternoon after a strenuous run. Then at home earlier there it was a rather large floating thing in my left eye. Freaking me out I Google the information on this alien creature moving quickly back and forth dodging my every attempt to focus on it!
    It could be nothing. But it could also be very serious! So I’m thinking about seeing an eye doctor. Their not even covered I think I was once told that anyway on our medical. But brother Mark lost most of his eye sight in one eye. For not having it operated on soon enough.
    But so strange that I’m thinking about this and there I find your story.

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