Visiting Canada’s Capital

Ottawa – July 18 – 2017

Well, what do you know?  We made it to the nations capital city of Ottawa.  What a great country we live in eh!   Our campsite was in Cantley, Quebec about 30 km outside of the City.  It always amazes me how you can drive 20 minutes away from a metropolitan area and be transported to another style of living.  Away from the bustle of traffic, people everywhere, tall skyscraper buildings, the noise of the city, the hectic energy and the feel of commerce.

  Here are some of my favorite shots from Ottawa:

Ott Parl K75_2060IN

The Parliament Buildings, Rideau Canal Locks, the Ottawa River and Gatineau Quebec in the background.

Ott Parl K75_2058IN

Parliament Buiding – Ottawa.

Ottawa K75_1989IN

Botanical Garden in Gatineau, Quebec. One of the many structures there, all made from living plants, this one was about 30 feet high.

1 thought on “Visiting Canada’s Capital

  1. Your sense of humour about driving, parking, etc., slays me! Also your ‘lack’ of French accent is amusing! I would suck in Quebec or any other French-speaking area, for I got a miserable 40% in French 10. My teacher, who became our neighbour and good friend when I was an adult, always said “Diana, you have the most beautiful French accent, but you haven’t a clue what you’re saying!” True. Except I’m not so sure my French accent is beautiful, because I don’t know how to pronounce most things. If someone speaks a word, I can copy it – that’s about it! Anyway, enough (nay…..too, too, far too much) about me. Glad you’re seeing the sights and enjoying yourselves! Be safe! Hugs, Diana


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