Organic Firewood – Clever Marketing or ?

So the story goes like this:

We are driving home today and we see a sign proudly proclaiming that you can stop and buy

ORGANIC FIREWOOD by the bundle


and I’m thinking…

NOW that is CLEVER marketing.

But you know, I’m a 70’s child and I’m not so sure now that there is organic this and organic that everywhere you look.  Is there really such a thing as organic firewood?  I head to the trusty ‘ol internet search thingy and after a few quick searches I’m none the wiser but there may be such a thing.  No pesticides, chopped by hand?? Does anyone else know about this?  Is this a joke?

2 thoughts on “Organic Firewood – Clever Marketing or ?

  1. There are organic-certifying organizations that each have their own set of criteria in what they’d call “organic”. It’s also expensive to get this stamp, literally a label, of organic approval on the food item. USDA has an organic department too, as you’ve probably seen in many food packagings.
    As a millenial, I actually don’t see this much different as, for example, an organic apple v. conventional: an organic tree v. a regular one. Maybe there’s a little irony about chopping down trees to help save the environment by having a silly label?

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