Clothing Styles and the Thermometer


I spotted a young lady walking down the street the other day and I did a double look, and then another double look..

what IS she wearing?

It was NOT warm out, just above freezing, I had just scraped a light frost off the windshield a few minutes before seeing her.  Is she wearing skin colored leggings?  or skin colored tight pants? 

what IS she wearing?

As I approached closer, I saw a short jacket with a flair at the waist, very contemporary, very stylish!  But what is she wearing under the jacket? 




Shortest of shorts, shorter than short shorts, they couldn’t get any shorter shorts – that’s what she was wearing! 


She surely must have been a tich cold wearing skimpy clothes, long legs exposed to the outside temperature.  I realized right then and there that I’m glad that I’m not of that age where needing to follow the styles is more critical than dressing for your surroundings.  I remember wearing running shoes for a whole winter in FSJ when I was in grade 12.  My feet were freezing, I slipped and slid everywhere I tried to walk.  But I would have been a DORK if I wore winter boots — and I didn’t want to be a DORK now did I?

Image   But I sure felt cool!

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