Body Scanned, Patted Down, and minus a Pair of Scissors!

Well folks, the Thailand Travel Adventure of 2014 begins!

the first security checkpoint at Campbell River – no problems!

the second checkpoint in Vancouver…

them: ‘Ma’am, you’ve been randomly chosen for a body scan, please step over here.  Take your jacket off, here, let me fluff your collar,  are you wearing jewellry?’

me: ‘um no, no jewellry, but I have a watch’

them: ‘no, a watch is ok’

me thinking: there’s a difference between a watch and jewellery? 😳

them: ‘place your feet on these marks, raise your hands, DONT MOVE!!’

me: do exactly as told 😳

them: ‘wait a minute, step out, I need to calibrate, the machine’

me: do exactly as told 😳

me: back to the scanner

them: ‘place your feet on these marks, raise your hands, DONT MOVE!!’

me: do exactly as told 😳

the machine does it’s thing, and as I’m standing there I realize my zipper is down, but I can’t move to fix it.. 😳 The scan is complete in a few seconds, I step out and can see that the scan is showing two highlighted areas on each side of my legs! O o ..

them: ‘step over here, we need to pat you down’

them: pat pat pat and of course there’s nothing there and I’m free to go.

me: off I go

11 hours later we arrive in Taiwan and proceed directly thru another checkpoint. A nice young lad pulls me aside and in some dialect that vaguely sounds like English is speaking to me and pointing at my backpack.

me: ‘pardon me?’

young man vaguely speaking English: ‘&$€>£’

me: ‘pardon me?’

As we obviously can not, at this point, converse in English, we revert to the international language of sign, i realize he feels the need to search my bag for some reason.

me: gesture ok 👍

him: poke, move some clothes, (but not socks or underwear), as they are on the very bottom of the bag, and VOILA, there is the pointy sharp culprit… the scissor component of my new manicure set that I got at Christmas is just not going to survive this trip, as sharp pointy objects are not allowed in Taiwan!  I know this, because he has removed them from the container and is gently pointing at the tip of the very teeny weenie point and pantomiming a sharp dangerous object.

Me: waive my hands in acknowledgement that, yes indeed, they are very pointy and must be confiscated!!😳

me: then proceed to sign a form which I can only assume was the great SCISSOR release of 2014 and now we continue on our way to Bangkok.

One more checkpoint to go!  I hope my socks make it thru ok!!

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