Saxaphones and Pancakes

It’s the first day of Summer!  But that doesn’t mean that you can take the day off work, so off I go.  Hop in the vehicle, plug in the Ipod music and away we go..



First Song:  a Kenny G saxaphone instrumental “Sound of Silence”. 

Turn it up, listen to the melody, ahhh, what a nice way to start the first day of summer.  Somehow I started thinking about my childhood, my family, my friends and then my mom and pancakes.. (More about the pancakes in just a bit…)

Second Song:  Deep Purple “Highway Star”!!  Holy crap what is THAT RACKET??  My saxaphone brain makes the switch anyway and so Deep Purple it is..

(I haven’t forgotten about the pancakes)

Third Song:  The Eagles “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, that’s nice!  My mind goes back to it’s wandering ways.

I started thinking of all the Birthdays in our family in the last month and those that are coming up, some turning 50, some in the beginning / or end of their 20’s, and some turning teenager age…  Some of them are the oldest in their families and some are not!  That’s where the pancake comes in..


I don’t know how old I was, but I know I was a young teenager, when my Mom (as only she could do), said to me (the Oldest of her children).. and you could tell she thought about it before she said:

“you know – your first child is like a pancake..

– you always use the first one to season the pan!!”


Thanks for not throwing me out Mom!



Ritz Crackers and Cheating at Scrabble!!

After my mom passed away, we inherited her camper van for the summer! We’re going to head out soon so I decided I should go check out the camper for supplies and clean out things we don’t / or won’t need.

I proceed to go thru different drawers and cupboards and hidey holes!  Duct tape, screws, nail file, thread, string, WD40 (to name a few) and they can all stay because who knows when you might need these items!

Another cupboard door opens:


haha – TEE HEE – Roll on floor laughing


We grew up on these.  They were a staple of all our car trips.  A box of Ritz and we could travel anywhere, anytime, for miles and miles and miles.  Everything was better with a Ritz!  Here, have a Ritz!!  Ritz with cold wieners.. ( I know, but we survived )..

I continue my search thru the remaining drawers.  Found the closet, the dishes, the little vacuum, yup, all is well..


What’s this?

Na, it can’t be.. Really?

Yes, yes it is


It’s Mom’s Scrabble Cheat Sheet!  You know the one with all the words that you’ve never heard of, won’t remember, and have no chance of ever spelling them?

There it is!  It exists!!

Mom’s friend mentioned that Mom was a vicious Scrabble Player and that she was very hard to beat – now we know WHY..

I know that when I go camping this weekend that Mom’s presence will be felt all around these drawers, shelves and walls that she so loved. 

Willa Paynter, R.I.P.

“Gone Camping”