Burnt Toast!

After arriving back in Canada after a 5 week trip to TEXAS, we joked that it’s time to join Weight Watchers AND Alcoholics Anonymous.  Wow, was it fun, but the portion control – well there wasn’t any..

Back to the Burnt Toast.

 I look over at our bread supply this morning and we have a chiabatta bun and 2 slices of bread, one of the slices is the heal.  Well, I can’t make my lunch sandwich out of the bread, ’cause I don’t like hard bread for my sandwich.  I decide to toast the bread and have toast and jam for breakfast.  This goes against my well thought out dietary plans of eating healthy grains for breakfast, not bread, but, hey, I don’t want to waste the bread do I?  Ok then, toast for breakfast it is.  I put the toast in the toaster oven, wait for it to finish, butter it, and set it aside for after my lunch is made.

I then decide to take the chiabatta bun for my lunch.  But, I’m picky, and I don’t like Chiabatta buns unless they are toasted.  I plop the chiabatta bun in to the well heated toaster oven, turn the dial, and continue to organize the rest of my lunch while the Chiabatta toasts!

Wash the apples,

core the apples,

cut the apples into nice easy slices,

place in bag for lunch,

watch Sportsnet for a bit,

chat with the hubby for a bit,


 burnt toast

burnt toast smoke is everywhere, it’s still rolling itself out of every crevice of the toaster oven and curling it’s way up the cupboards and along the ceiling of the kitchen!

Well there goes my lunch!

Some people might:  cuss, swear, moan about the smell, moan that their lunch is ruined, nothing ever works out for them, their life sucks, they are cursed.

I say to my husband, ‘well that’s ok, I’m switching to Plan B – I should have been eating the healthy grain cereal anyway, not bread, so I’ll just take the first set of toasted crust bread for my lunch, and have the cereal for my breakfast’.

He looks at me and says:  “And that’s why you’re an optomist!”


 YES, I AM!!



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