Liquid Fabric Softener in the Dryer

I found this notice on all of our dryers upstairs in our Laundry Room tonight:

dryer framed

My first thought was: SERIOUSLY? We have to tell someone that? Is there more than one that needs to be told this? Really? Seriously?

I read it again.

Liquid Softener?

My mind is saying: Liquid?

My eyes are re-reading it a 2nd time – Yes, it says Liquid Softener..

My brain: IN the DRYER?

Then I look around to make sure I am indeed LOOKING at a dryer – yup, it’s a dryer!

Liquid Softener?

I read it again — Really? LIQUID?



Where did they pour it?

And then I had to quit thinking about how absurd it was – my brain was going to explode trying to picture who? how? where?


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