Reflector ERROR

Today I took a “wrong turn at Albuquerque” and was a few mintues late for work — but that wasn’t the funny part —

The funny part was:
There’s road construction happening on many of the streets that I use to get to work. My progress was halted by the flagger,

which means I’m now first in line to get through when the opportunity presents itself. I wait and wait and wait and finally I see an opening for the oncoming traffic to begin their journey thru the maze of reflector sticks & cones and equipment.

Unfortunately the lady in the car at the front of the line, took a wrong route and ended up in behind a big excavator and on the wrong side of the reflector sticks. Mayem ensues – arms waving – reflector sticks being re-arranged – lady in car, instead of going forward thru the re-arranged reflector sticks is now in reverse – more arms waving – her head is on a swivel 0 – she’s panicking – the cars behind her are scattered everywhere, some following her, others on the other side of the reflector sticks, (where they are supposed to be). Finally they get her straightened out and on the right path and I was fortunate enough to be able to continue my commute to work. So sorry small lady driver that I be amused at your misfortune.

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