Willa Paynter

Born May 26-1934 – Died Oct 17-2012

Willa was a depression child, born in Arran, Saskatchewan.  She was tough, feisty and a “tich” stubborn.  She loved roses, lilies and the color Red.  She loved summer, country music, mountain ash trees, was a vicious scrabble player and absolutely loved a good bonfire and the smell of wood smoke.  She played music by ear – but couldn’t sing!  We all learned to can preserves, make pickles, jams and jellies, and her cake and cookie recipes have been handed down thru the generations.  Mom was fearless and independant, she once removed a centre load bearing wall at our house in Willow River because she wanted to “open it up”. She did this all in one day while Dad was at work!

Growing up on the Prairies meant that she gave and received directions in North, South, East and West but she then became completely disoriented if the road curved or if she had to negotiate a traffic circle.

We are so proud to say we are “just like our mom”.  It means we are independant, forthright, tough and know how to stand up for ourselves.

Rest in Peace! We all loved you so much!

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