Red Potatoes

March 15 – 2012



I went to the Safeway to buy steak and mushrooms for dinner the other day.  As I searched thru the produce section for fresh bulk mushrooms, I was, once again, reminded of some of the differences between Canada vs USA.  I couldn’t find what I was looking for at first, I ended up in the potatoe section and there is an elderly lady in a motorized chair picking out red potatoes. She commented to me that she loves Red Potatoes vs White Potatoes ’cause you don’t have to peel them!  I told her, that my husband likes them because they are firmer and don’t go mushy as fast as the white ones do. 

‘nope’, she says, whatever makes my cooking easier is what I like!

I told her that my husband does a lot of OUR cooking

she says: ‘my husband cleans like a Titan!,

 he cleans everything,

all the time,

he’s an awesome cleaner,

he’s a keeper!,

 BUT, I don’t think he even knows what COLOR OUR KITCHEN IS!!’

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