Did you Try That On?

March 14 – 2012

We’ve now been here for a couple of weeks and I decided I better go buy a bathing suit top JUST IN CASE I decide to go near a pool for some unknown reason.



I head up to J.C. Penny’s here in Bullhead City.  I know they’ll have something that will fit and will be good enough for the people I hang out with :-).  I find a black/blue/white combo patterned bathing suit top that will go quite nicely with my black long legged swim type shorts and up I go to pay for the item.

The lady at the front counter takes my bank card,

Swipes it,

It Doesn’t Work!

Well, ok, I’ll put it on my credit card then.  Swipe, Wait, Wait, ok all is good.  I sign where indicated and all is well.  Just as I’m getting ready to leave and she’s putting the top in a bag, she says to me ‘did you try this on?’

and now she’s looking directly at my chest!

‘Yes, yes I tried it on’, I say.

She says: ‘well, you’re out on the side’ and points at my chest!


Now the store is filled with only ladies, so I look down, adjust my bra, wiggle everything around and say, ‘no it looks fine to me, everything is where it should be’.

She continues to point at my chest!  I finally realize that she’s talking about MY SHIRT! 


At no point in our conversation does she say to me ‘your shirt is inside out!’ 

 I’m thinking that telling someone their shirt is INSIDE OUT is preferable to telling someone they are ‘out on the side’. 


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