Tire Guage – Smire Guage

I successfully demonstrated the

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi method of tire inflation this morning at Chevron.

I have never had to put so much air, in so many tires, so often as I do, now that we own a car that TELLS you when your tires are low!

I guess I’ll now have to consider purchasing a tire guage so that I can inflate my tires to the appropriate PSI and get my car’s tire warning system OFF MY BACK!

1 thought on “Tire Guage – Smire Guage

  1. I stopped at the Shell a while ago to put air in my tires, I did have a tire guage, but it was pouring rain, but I figured I can do this. Stepped up to the machine, and it required 1 quarter to get start. So back to the car get a quarter and checked all my pressures and decided they all needed some precious air. And wouldn’t you know it the quarter only lasted 3 tires. So back to the car get another quarter and finish up. The only good news was that it didn’t stop raining right after I got in the car and headed off.

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