Did you hear that?

Last week it was 8 AM and I’m scurrying out to the back parking lot in a great big hurry because I’m late for work, I have to unload the Harley from it’s shed, warm it up, somehow manage to get out on Dogwood Street and run the gauntlet of street lights AND get to work before 8:30.  As I get out in to the back lot of the apartment building I hear an aweegie type horn – you know the one on a bicycle or a clowns nose????  I look around and thru the bushes, around the back of the trailer, over and around the fence of the buildings behind us and then scan the parking lot — NOPE, don’t see a bike or a clown anywhere, I don’t see any one or anything.. oh well, don’t have time to investigate any further, so off I go.

Later that morning I’m at work and I’m by myself, the doors and windows are open.  A man came in and just as I’m asking him if I could help him I hear the aweegie bike / clown nose horn AGAIN .. I look at him and say ‘did you hear that?’ — he replies ‘did I hear what?’ – ‘THE HORN’ I say with hope in my voice (as I now think I might be a little crazy)..  ‘No’ he says (looks at me like I AM crazy) .. we carry on with our business without any further interruptions or noises.

Today I’m, once again, alone in the office, working quietly at my desk and there it is!! there’s that noise again!!  !!AWEEGIE!! !!AWEEGIE!! 

you won’t believe what it was –??

 Horn Clip Art




 Horn Clip Art

It was my IPhone alert for receipt of a text message!!

3 thoughts on “Did you hear that?

  1. Omg it had to be a bug in the wall or perhaps one had infiltrated your pocket & was along for the ride! I’m sure that you must have the exterminators on speed dial by now or in this case on alert.This is bordering on the bee thing! Thank goodness you figured it out before you embarrassed yourself…Well close enough, the one guy was probably drinking right? Wink Wink another bullet dodged!! Way to go Kat!! Great story by the way. Cor

    • Hey Cor! A bug – just one is all it takes! Well, not really, my hearing isn’t quite as good as it used to be. and the bees OMG.. that was insane. Glad you like my stories — keep checking my site, I’m adding to it all the time. See you next time we get a dinner planned..

  2. That’s a great story………. too funny… you probably have so many “apps” on that new phone of yours now it will be making all kinds of sounds and alerts when you least expect them!!

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